Unlimited Responses

Be able to gather unlimited responses each month. For companies who are servicing clients with massive amounts of traffic.

All Survey Types Unlocked

Run Multiple choice, Textbox, Checkbox, or Net Promoter Score surveys - separately or all together in one big multi-part survey.


No need to worry about logging in again to stop a survey and run another in its place. Scheduling automatically does that for you.

Target Specific Users

Be able to show your survey only to a target group of people. Whether they come from search, social, direct or a website referral. Perfect when you want better quality insights on a campaign you're running.

Target Specific Behavior

Show your survey to people who perform a specific activity in your site. Whether a user is about to abandon your site, or they are scrolling for more than a specific % of your page, or they waited for a specific amount of time.

Priority Customer Support

We make sure that you get the best of our team to touch base with you in the fastest possible time.

Remove Qeryz Branding

Be able to remove our 'Powered by' link in the footer of the Qeryz survey form with a single click.

Qeryz Identifier

Identify WHO answered WHAT in your surveys without asking them for their name or email. Like Magic.

Javascript API Targeting

Target specific pages and trigger your survey via event triggers by using our Javascript API calls.

Google Analytics integration

Track user responses and behavior ever more closely in one dashboard.

Response Quantity Control

Make sure only to collect enough data for statistical significance. Control how many responses a survey could get so that you won't waste collecting more responses than necessary.

Survey Focus Overlay

Make sure your users see your survey by putting an overlay on the entire page as your survey shows up. This increases response rate significantly.

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