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3 Reasons Why the Likert Scale Works

Why is the Likert scale so effective in surveys? It provides accurate data about opinions on a certain topic. People can answer them quickly. It provides deeper details compared to binary choices.   Almost everyone in the world today have answered at least one survey – either in physical form or on software form like

How to Build a Buyer Persona Using Surveys

How do I build a buyer persona using a survey? Ask the right questions about the customers. Inquire about their: Roles, jobs, and backgrounds Demographic information (e.g. name, age, family members, location/address, gender, and salary) Personal goals and problems Frequently consumed media Buying preferences   One of the main reasons why survey tools for websites

What Does Having an “Accessible” Survey Mean?

How do you make a survey more accessible? Avoid using Likert scale, grid, hidden, and JavaScript questions Dedicate one question per page Update warning messages to be optimized for assistive technology Use either a simple theme or a high contrast one Include captions or ALT text to your images Use People First Language Use an

5 Terms All Surveyors Should Know

What are the top research terms surveyors should know? Accessible: Accessible surveys are those that can be answered in multiple ways. Bias: Refers to bias that leads to inaccurate data due to the lack of quality in the survey tool and/or respondents. Crosstab data analysis: Also known as cross-tab, this is to quickly see trends