Know the Numbers Behind the Curtain

Adding web analytics into your website will allow you to view everything that goes on within it - both in real time and otherwise. As an all-around survey program, Qeryz is able to integrate with Google Analytics and let you track how users use and react to all your pages' elements, including the survey itself.

Get Ready to Be Seen

Conversion rate optimization is a tricky thing to maintain. Fortunately, Qeryz can help with that - by allowing visitors to provide feedback on what they like and what they don't, you will then be able to optimize your website to their tastes. As a result, you can make your site more efficient at converting them.

Ask and You Shall Be Answered

As a quick pop-up survey, Qeryz allows you to establish a two-way communication between you and your visitors; the short, succinct statements on the survey will dispatch information immediately, while its interactivity allows for a near-instant user response. This system is very efficient in gathering personalized information from willing participants.

Take a Peek Into Your Customer's Mind

Qeryz is a pop-up survey tool, so of course it allows you to easily gain insights and thoughts from your visitors in an immediate and easy manner. They tell you what they want, and in turn you implement it, much to their delight. It's a profitable cycle that has no cons!