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Radio Button Survey

Run multi-part, multiple choice surveys for your audience. Choose the next question depending on your user's choices.

Checkbox Survey

Run a multiple choice survey for multiple responses. Usually used for asking users about features, products, or menus.

Long Text Survey

Give your users the freedom of speech. Textbox surveys are the most qualitative surveys to get to the "Why" of things.

Short Text Survey

Collect email addresses, phone numbers, and... more email addresses.

Mobile Responsive

Rest easy knowing that your survey functions even on mobile devices. Qeryz thrives with you in this age of mobility.

Call to Action

Allow your users to click on a link after asking them your set of questions. It could be a link to a free e-book, whitepaper or a registration form. You name it. Or rather, you link it.

Auto Redirect

Be able to redirect users to a specific page or site you desire depending on their answer. Eliminates the need for them to click on a 'Call-to-Action' link.

Email Notification

Busy with life? Yeah, we are too. So we made sure that you could get your responses straight to your inbox. No need to keep logging in. That way you save a precious time to do other stuff.

Wordpress 1 Click Install

Running on Wordpress? Perfect! We have a Qeryz plugin that enables you to install with a single click of a button. We update the plugin regularly too!

Color Schemes

Be able to pick from a variety of colors. Or if you prefer a very customized feel, there's a color palette. Basically we have an infinite number of colors for you to customize your survey's look and feel.

Left or Right Positioning

We wanted Qeryz to be as unintrusive as possible so we're giving you the ability to place it on the lower-left or lower-right hand side of your website.

Qeryz Identifier

Identify WHO answered WHAT in your survey without asking them for their name or email. Like Magic.

Qeryz is now able to let you know who answered what with your customer survey. And it’s super easy to get started!

Minimized Survey Message

When a user minimizes a survey, it stays that way. So we made sure to enable you to leave a short, customizable, 40-character message for them - just so they'll give your survey another try.

Skip Logic

If a user leaves your site with an unfinished survey, it doesn't matter. The moment they step back in your site, they will continue exactly where they left off.

Export to CSV

Download your data and mix and match it any way you want. More details about your responses can only be seen when you export your data to CSV.

Net Promoter Score

Capture and automatically calculate your site's NPS. You could also automatically identify who answered your NPS survey through our identifier feature.

Advanced Targeting

Be able to show your survey to a specific segment of your visitors - people who came directly to your site, who came from search engines, from social media, from a referring site or people who performed a specific action such as adding an item to his/her shopping cart.

Scheduled Surveys

The thing is, 99% of the people who use Qeryz have better things to do than login, check their responses and create new surveys everyday. So we made sure you could schedule your surveys - when one will stop and the other one will run - automatically.