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Does Survey Design Impact Your Response Rate?

How does survey design impact response rates? Type of Question Question Numbering Question-Wording Question Order Visual Layout More and more organizations are utilizing surveys to gather information, draw conclusions, and make important decisions. Ideally, surveys should be well-designed to provide accurate and unbiased data. But sometimes, they’re not. This is what makes people wonder about

The Effect Of Different Survey Pop-Up Triggers

What are the effects of the different types of survey pop-up triggers? Click Trigger Scroll Amount Trigger Time Passage Trigger Exit-intent Trigger Tab and Floating Pop-up Mobile Pop-up Trigger User Visit History Trigger The pop-up nature of a survey makes it more accessible and more likely to be answered by your users. But what most

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Net Promoter Score

Why does your business need a net promoter score? Customer Loyalty Business Goal Measurement Quality Benchmarking The most important thing for any business is its customer base. Without it, the business will not experience anything at all. No profit and no growth — just a spiral towards bankruptcy. Nowadays, it’s gotten even harder to keep

3 Questions To Include In Your Employee Engagement Surveys

What questions should you add to your employee engagement surveys? “Are You Proud Of Your Work?” “Are The Leaders of the Organization Keeping People Informed?” “Do You Have Access to All the Necessary Things You Need to Do Your Job Well?” Measuring the extent to which your employees engage with your organization through a survey