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What Are Customer Touchpoints?

What are customer touchpoints? Customer Touchpoints Are Your Customer Contact Customer Touchpoints Are Easily Identified Customer Touchpoints Manage Customer Expectations Customer Touchpoints Can Be Used On A Business Roadmap   Have you ever heard of the term for points of customer contact? Alternatively, it’s called customer touchpoints. There are many reasons why you should care

How Surveys Can Drive Business Growth

How can surveys drive business growth? It Measures Customer Satisfaction You Get To Know Your Customers Product and Service Development Excellent Customer Experience   As a business owner, your natural instinct and goal may be to improve your company. However, it may need considerable effort. It means dealing with separate departments. Sales, marketing, operations, and

Why WordPress Plugins Are a Gamechanger For Websites

What can your website gain from using WordPress plugins? Live-chatting with customers Create social media share buttons Better website security Information through surveys   If you’ve ever wanted to create groundbreaking internet content, one way by which you can do so is by setting up a website for yourself. There are many available methods for