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5 Ways You Can Measure Customer Satisfaction

What are the ways you can measure customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction surveys Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) Customer effort score (CES) Net promoter score (NPS)     Customer satisfaction is notoriously difficult to measure for a wide variety of reasons. First off, you can’t always expect your customers to not only give feedback but to also

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your WordPress Site

What tips and tricks can you do to maintain your WordPress site? Backup your databases and website files regularly Secure your WordPress website Check for WordPress updates Conduct a technical site audit frequently Optimize your website speed     Starting your own WordPress site can be easy. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even take you

4 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important

What are the reasons why customer feedback is important? Improve products and services Gauge customer satisfaction Show that you value your customers Create the best experience for your customers     If you own or run a business, it is important for you to do your best to satisfy the needs of your customers, please