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Net Promoter Score Tool

In business, one of the most powerful tools in the trade is marketing. A good form of marketing is “word of mouth” and that is achieved by satisfying a customer to the point that they would be happy to recommend your service to their friends and family. Qeryz is a Net Promoter Score tool that

Customer Survey Trends that Will Rock 2016

Plenty of online survey software have significantly aided the process of research and data collection. This was very evident in the continued growth in the market last year 2015. Now, as we enter the realm of 2016 customer survey will become even more progressive and effective, especially with plenty of trends that are expected to take effect.

The Key Elements of an Effective Customer Insight

Customer Insight refers to the understanding of your customers derived from a strategic analysis of varied qualitative and quantitative data. Time and time again, customer insight has proven that it is very useful and even vital in almost any form of business – including yours. It is best to fully recognize the potential of good

Using Customer Feedback as Support

In our modern, tech-heavy, internet-focused world, “traditional” marketers, sellers, and even companies are moving into the cyberspace in an attempt to reach out more to their audiences, bringing with them the need for customer feedback and data not only for their websites, but for their products and services as well. (An important phase of the