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Integrating Social Media into Your Blog

What ways can you integrate social media into your blog? Instagram photos Social proof Social share buttons Social videos Social following Hashtags Content broadcasting   For many bloggers and online marketers, social media is integrated with almost every aspect of their marketing campaigns, which is a great way to utilize the power of the social

The Advantages of Having a WordPress Survey Plugin

Why should you get a WordPress survey plugin for your website? To understand your market better To pay less and know more To make it convenient for you and your respondents To remove unnecessary variables   There are websites that don’t have any kind of customer interaction mechanism. These are fully for the benefit and

How to Make a Visit to Your Blog Worthwhile

What can you do to make your blog worth visiting? Revolve around a theme Keep yourself relevant Become searchable Don’t be boring   Your blog is an information hub. It’s a place where information is found and used by your readers. It’s also a place in which discussions are formed around the topics at hand.

A Discussion on Customer Experience

What should you take note of in a discussion regarding customer experience? Customer service Customer perceptions Customer experience   Everything revolves around the customer. Nowadays, businesses make use of many different tools and strategies to make sure that their customers enjoy every minute of their time on their websites. Survey tools for them are irreplaceable

3 Content Creation Techniques

What are some popular ways to produce content? Always start with the headline Focus on shareability Find problems to solve     Content is what makes the blogging world go around. This is what makes blogs so popular, and what the general public is searching for. Blog posts are what bring people, old and new,