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3 Ways to Crowdsource Ideas for Content Creation

What are some of the most common ways to digitally crowdsource ideas? Look through your website’s comments section Use surveys to ask your audience Take care of your social media presence     Content creation has never been more rigorous than the past few years. The digital age marked the rise in significance of data

Indicators of an Effective WordPress Survey Tool

What should you look for when looking for an Effective WordPress survey tool? The number of websites that use the survey tool Convenience and usability Different features and capabilities offered Aesthetic customization and design     Many blogs and websites use a WordPress survey tool. When you look at ten different websites, you’ll seldom see

4 Reasons Why Blogs Need WordPress Survey Plugins

Why should your blog need WordPress survey plugins? Audience data gathering Reliable feedback collection Identify what the audience wants Find criticism     WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems that are readily available on the Internet. It’s simple user interface and relatively limitless potential probably makes it the easiest and most

The Most Useful Survey Tools in 2018

What are the Most Useful Survey Tools to look out for This 2018? Google Forms SurveyMonkey Typeform Responster     Data gathering has always been one way of keeping up and ahead in the world of digital marketing. Every successful business has this in common, they all make the most of the feedback and information

The Importance of Gathering Data

What makes data gathering so important for businesses? Data collection brings optimization of business processes Market research is essential for understanding your audience Data gathering and how it can show you the right path     Modern businesses make use of data in a variety of ways. The most prominent one would be as a