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Ways to Get a Higher Response Rate from your Survey

How can you increase your survey response rate? Keep it short and simple Use survey tools Send reminders and notifications Make your survey accessible Let them know your survey’s purpose Make your respondents feel special While the success of your survey is entirely up to your potential respondents, it is very difficult to get people

Getting Over Writer’s Block When Making Blog Content

How can you get over writer’s block when making blog content? Get Inspiration from Your Readers Consume Other Content Think About Your Blog’s Mission Look Through Your Old Content Brainstorm with Friends Take A Much Needed Break Are you having a hard time thinking of new content for your blog? Well, you may need a

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Qualitative Survey

What are common mistakes made when making a qualitative survey? Asking questions beginning with “why” Using quantitative words Making your own survey tool Forgetting to test your survey Using a complicated format Not providing all possible options Asking too many questions Asking leading questions   Qualitative surveys are made up of open-ended questions and are

How to Get Genuine Responses from Customer Service Surveys

What should you keep in mind to get more genuine responses from your customers? Keep your surveys short Get straight to the point Construct open-ended questions You may come across a number of random online surveys or simple pop-ups by Qualaroo or other alternatives. The best of these online surveys are enticing and can lead

Content Ideas You Can Use to Start a Blog

What different concepts can you use to start out your blog? How-to guides Personal blog Travel blog Review blog Giveaways and contests   Blogging is one of the best ways to express yourself in the digital age. Some people do it for themselves, while others do so for business. Whatever the case, there will come