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Learn How to Earn from Blogging

How to earn from blogging in 5 easy steps? 1. Start a blog and set it up properly; choose your platform and domain intelligently. 2. Create content that is useful and relevant to your target market. 3. Promote the content on the social media platforms and forums, where your target market is active. 4. Build

A Brief Explanation to WordPress Plugins

What do you Need to Know about WordPress Plugins? 1. WordPress (WP) plugins are applications that add features to a WP website. 2. They give a website owner limitless business and career possibilities. 3. They function by allowing developers to add their own code to the existing WP code. This code will be stored in

Top Reasons Why People Ignore Your Survey

What are the Top Reasons Why People Ignore Your Survey? 1. The purpose of the survey is unknown. 2. It is too difficult to answer. 3. The questions are irrelevant to the respondents. 4. The layout and overall design is not attractive. 5. The intervals of the surveys are too frequent and cause survey fatigue.