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Learning Why People Unsubscribe with an Exit Survey

Why do people unsubscribe to your email newsletters? Not Relevant To Their Lives Emails Are Too Frequent Content Is Too Long They Do Not Remember Signing Up Content Does Not Match Expectations Other Reasons   Have you been noticing people unsubscribing to your newsletter? Create an exit survey for unsubscribers to answer why they are

Customer Service Methods to Try in 2019

What are the latest customer service methods in 2019? Utilize social media Phone calls are here to stay Make it as convenient as possible Personalization Direct messages over public announcements Provide a self-service option Lead with solutions and positive language   Just like any other industry, the field of customer service is constantly evolving. It

5 Reasons Why Research is Important in Business

What are the reasons why research is important in business? To Better Understand Your Customers Identifies Problem Areas Beneficial in Comparative Studies Helps Design New Business Opportunities Minimizes Loss   The utilization of research through a WordPress survey tool is greatly beneficial to the evolution and the further development of a business. By exerting efforts

Importance of Format and Design in Survey Making

What is the importance of format and design in survey making? Wrong Wording May Be Misinterpreted Unclear Questions Lead to Unclear Results Double-Barreled Questions Can Be Confusing Leading Questions Can Be Biased To Prevent Invasive Personal Questions   In order for you to get the most accurate data using a WordPress survey tool, you must