Advantages Of Pop Up Surveys

What are the advantages of using pop up surveys?

  1. Easy To Set Up 
  2. Avoids Clutter On Your Website
  3. Enhanced Customization
  4. Does Not Redirect To Another Page 

In an age of online research, being smart in conducting surveys plays a vital role in the success of organizations. Not many people are aware that one of the most effective methods to get feedback online is by hosting a survey on your website. To be exact: pop up surveys. Know more about the advantages of pop up surveys because they allow you to maintain customer engagement and response. 

The best administering procedure combined with a WordPress survey tool can make your surveys more efficient. Whether you are trying to learn more about your website’s visitors or aiming to improve your overall customer experience, look no further than a pop up survey. Continue reading to know why. 

Easy To Set Up 

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From the perspective of a survey creator, the effort it takes to produce the survey can impact the response rate. Depending on your level of effort, the survey can turn for the better or worse. Working on it too much can only acquire inadequate engagement and can leave a frustrating feeling. 

This is where a pop up survey proves to be advantageous because they are relatively easy to set up. The steps are straightforward. 

First, you have to create a survey using a WordPress survey tool. Second, you apply your desired popup plugin. It is worth noting that there are various types of this plugin. Each one also has different customization settings. Choose one that will suit your needs.  

Avoids Clutter On Your Website

Placing pop up surveys on your website does not clutter your website. The nature of these types of surveys is to appear when a certain action is triggered or after a specific time. This means you do not end up wasting screen space if it isn’t needed.  

Keep in mind that a cleaner website page results in a smoother web experience. It can avoid lagging and lead to increased visitor satisfaction. Needless to say, when the visitor is satisfied, they are more likely to answer the survey. 

Simply put, reducing the visual clutter on your website can go a long way in boosting response rates.  

Enhanced Customization 

Survey on different platforms

Another benefit of pop up surveys aside from its easy-to-set-up nature is the offer of enhanced customization. To name a few, you have the freedom to design the window width and height, font size, typeface, colors, and position on the screen. 

This will all depend on the plugin you choose and your creativity. Naturally, background knowledge in coding would also be an aid.

The primary reason why customization is important is that it makes the survey more interesting. Once it captures the respondent’s attention, the more likely it is that they will answer. This aspect sets pop up surveys apart from traditional surveys.  

Aside from the customization options stated above, you can choose to let the survey appear when a visitor reaches a specific page on your website. There are also numerous ways to target certain behavioral characteristics and demographics.

For example, you can make the survey pop up when visitors speak another language. You can also customize the survey to suit the devices used by the respondents to ensure your website is working properly for them. There are endless possibilities for customization for pop up surveys. 

Does Not Redirect To Another Page

Unlike an intercept survey which presents an invitation to answer a survey in another host survey, an on-page survey such as pop up surveys will let your visitor answer the questions without leaving the page they are on.

This proves to be beneficial for many reasons. For one, it allows the visitor to stay on your page for a longer period of time. They can browse your services, products, and other offers you might have placed. It is not far-fetched for that to lead to sale conversion. 

More time on your website also results in more gathered information to answer the survey effectively. For example, if you have a pop up survey that asks about if they found the products they are looking for, the visitors would be able to answer the survey in more detail rather than shifting to another page. 

Key Takeaway

There are many advantages of pop up surveys. Numerous organizations are already reaping the benefits of this and you should as well. Just keep in mind to ask the right questions to ensure survey effectiveness. Strike the perfect combination and you have a winning recipe for garnering customer opinions about your products and services.

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