Advantages of Using a Pop-up Customer Survey on Your Website

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Popup Customer Survey?

  1. Takes Minimal Effort to Set Up
  2. Highly Customizable
  3. Does Not Clutter Your Website
  4. Does Not Redirect Your Visitor to Another Page


In the world of online research, keeping things fresh in terms of making and administering surveys is important to maintain a decent amount of engagement and responses. Traditional survey methods combined with the WordPress survey tool can make your surveys more effective.

Here’s what many people are not aware of: the quickest way to get the feedback you need online is by hosting surveys directly on your website. Pop-up style or on-site/on-page surveys, in particular, are a form of an online survey that is effective at doing exactly that.

Whether you’re trying to improve the customer experience on your website or learn more about your site’s visitors, look no further than a pop-up customer survey to boost your response rate and make things more interesting. Here’s why:


Takes Minimal Effort to Set Up

Takes Minimal Effort to Set Up

From the perspective of a surveyor, the amount of effort it takes to produce a survey is somewhat of a deal-breaker since you want the level of your effort to match the desired amount of responses. Laboring too much for a certain survey only to get a meager amount of engagement and responses can be a frustrating feeling.

This is where a pop-up survey can shine because they are fairly easy to set-up. There are 2 straightforward steps. The first is to create a survey using your favorite WordPress survey tool, and the second step is to apply it to your desired WordPress popup plugin. There are many different versions of this plugin that offer varying levels of customization so choose one according to your needs.


Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Aside from its easy-to-set-up nature, pop-up surveys are also highly customizable. You can play around with the window height and width, font size and typeface, colors and position on the screen, and that’s just to name a few. It all depends on the plugin of your choice and your creativity. A little bit of coding knowledge could also help.

The reason why customizability is important is that it makes the whole experience more interesting. The more interesting a survey is, the more likely it is that a respondent will answer. This is where pop-up surveys set themselves apart from the usual online survey.

Aside from its physical customizability, you can also tweak when it appears to target people visiting a specific page on your website. There are also many ways to target specific demographics or behavioral characteristics. For example, you can target visitors speaking a specific language to see how well you translated your webpage. Targeting visitors using a specific device can help you check if your website is correctly displayed on their respective gadgets. All these and more are possible by tweaking your pop-up survey accordingly.


Does Not Clutter Your Website

Does Not Clutter Your Website

Another reason why using a pop-up survey is advantageous for you is because it does not clutter your website. The very nature of a pop-up means it pops up given a certain action or after a certain time. This means that you don’t waste screen or website space when not necessary. A cleaner page means a smoother web experience which leads to more visitor satisfaction.

When a visitor or customer is satisfied, then they are more inclined to answer your survey. Naturally, when people are motivated to do something it will also reflect positively on the results of whatever that ‘something’ is. Reducing the visual clutter on a website can go a long way for your survey.


Does Not Redirect Your Visitor to Another Page

Does Not Redirect Your Visitor to Another Page

In contrast to an “intercept survey,” which displays an invitation to fill in a survey hosted somewhere else, an on-page survey allows your respondents to answer your questions without leaving the page they’re on. This is useful for several reasons.

The first reason is that it allows people to stay on your page longer. This means they have more time to see your products, services, and other offerings that could potentially lead to a sale or conversion. More time on your website also means that they can gather additional information to answer your survey thoroughly and give you a more accurate picture in terms of what you want to know.


Key Takeaway


There are many pros to using a pop-up or an on-site survey. Many websites are already taking advantage of this, and you should too. While the best part of it is that you can target specific demographics and behaviors, a crucial factor of a successful website survey is asking the right questions as well. This means you should also focus on your content as much as you focus on the timing and aesthetic of the survey as well. Put all these things together and you have yourself a recipe for success.

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