5 Benefits Of On-Page Survey Tool

What are the benefits of an on-page survey tool?

  1. You Learn About Your Visitors
  2. It Helps You Understand The Things That Do And Don’t Work
  3. Identify Website Errors and Areas For Improvement
  4. Measures The Customer Experience
  5. Boost E-Commerce Conversions


Your website is the backbone of your business. It contains all the information that your customers and visitors need to get to know your brand, offers the products and services that they will purchase while supporting most of your marketing efforts at the same time. However, having a website doesn’t exactly mean that it is effective. You may have visitors that are abandoning your website within minutes of scrolling. You may also be wondering what visitors actually think about your product. This is where the benefits of an on-page survey tool come in. It is the one, extremely powerful tool you need to help your website live up to its full potential and upscale your business.

What is an on-page survey tool?

An on-page or on-site survey tool allows you to quickly collect feedback from your visitors regarding a specific page of your website. It is often a short, direct, and easy-to-answer survey that is embedded into the page that you need feedback on.

It is one of the easiest and most direct ways to gather specialized, curated, and valuable data that you need to improve your website and your business. To help you understand more about how you can benefit from an on-page survey tool, we’ve listed down some of its best advantages. Keep reading to learn more!

You Learn About Your Visitors

You Learn About Your Visitors

Collecting data from questions such as “how did you hear about [your website]?” or “what’s your main goal for using [your product]?” will better your way of developing strategies that adequately serve your target market or user base.

It Helps You Understand The Things That Do And Don’t Work

When you implement new products, trends, marketing strategies, and the like to your website, you can see if your customers are enjoying it through on-page survey tools. You can measure and know their satisfaction on specific pages or set up follow-up questions to understand what features of the page left them unsatisfied.

Identify Website Errors and Areas For Improvement

The website user-experience matters more than ever. Even the smallest of technical errors can have your visitors abandon your site.

Thankfully, having an on-page survey tool on your website can help you distinguish what pages are doing well and what needs more attention. You can discover issues like technical errors, difficult-to-read texts, slow-loading pages, and content that is hard to understand. And if you’re lucky, you can gain some ideas from your visitors as well.

Measures The Customer Experience

Measures The Customer Experience

An on-page survey tool is extremely helpful in measuring customer experience (CX). Here’s a list of the important CX metrics that you need:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Where visitors rate their experience, often on a scale of 1-10.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) – This is where users rate and
  • elaborate the effort that it took them to do something on your website.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – Where customers rate their satisfaction regarding your product or service.

With an on-page survey tool, you can easily gather this data.

Boost E-Commerce Conversions

The buying experience is the key to a great and successful e-commerce website. Improving it should always be part of your goals. Thankfully, this is highly possible with an on-page survey tool. It collects the exact data and insights you need from the right people. You can ask them to rate their buying experience, ask questions like “what can we do to improve your buying experience?”, and the like.

Key Takeaway

A website alone simply doesn’t cut it. For your website (and business) to live up to its full potential, you need one thing — an on-page survey tool. The benefits of an on-page survey tool are unmatched.

It helps you understand your visitors better, so you can further improve your website and services. It also assists you in identifying errors and points of improvement on your page. If you implement this on your e-commerce website, it can double your conversions. And lastly, it helps your customers know that you care for them and their input.

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