The Best Questions to Ask Customers in Product Feedback Surveys

  1. Demographic
  2. How Do They Use the Product?
  3. What Do They Think of the Product’s Use?
  4. What Is a Unique Part?
  5. What Do They Dislike?
  6. How Can It Be Further Improved?


Product feedback surveys can be greatly beneficial in gathering the public’s opinion on specific products. By utilizing a customizable WordPress survey tool, you can send surveys that can gather what customers think are the advantages and disadvantages of one of your specific products. Compare the data that you gather in order to observe any similarities between them. These similarities can either inform you of a useful part of your product’s design or a flaw in it.

In order to accurately gather data, you will need to ask your customers the right questions. Here is a list of the best questions to ask customers in product feedback surveys.




When creating a product feedback survey, make sure that you include questions about your customer’s demographic. Ask about their age, gender, and geographic location. This will help you confirm if you were able to successfully target your market or not. This will also show you the differences between how people see your products depending on their demographic. Collate the answers as reference for future products that you may want to create.

Another type of question that would be highly useful for you to know is how customers use your product.


How Do They Use the Product?

A business creates products to cater to their target market’s needs. In order to see if your customers are using your products as they were made to be used, consider sending them product feedback surveys. Customize the survey to give them ample space to thoroughly explain how exactly they use your products. This can also help you observe the similarities between what customers need help with when they choose to purchase your product.

After this question, you can ask your customers about what they think about your product. Ask them about what exact parts of the product do they enjoy and find useful.


What Do They Think of the Product’s Use?

What Do They Think of the Products Use

Try to be more specific when you ask your customers about what they think of the product’s use. Include questions that can further get them to describe the experiences with your products and specifically how they enjoyed using it. If they say that it works well, ask them about what specific parts of the design helped them out. This will be your basis to confirm that specific parts of your product are effective enough to help with the needs of your customers.

To further improve the development of future products, it would also be best to include questions asking about the unique parts of a current product’s design.


What Is a Unique Part?

The goal of a successful product is to answer a problem uniquely. For you to turn attention away from competitors, you will need to release a product that will catch your customer’s interests. Send product feedback surveys in order to determine if your customers observed the unique part of your product’s design. These surveys may even surprise you as customers mention a unique part of your product’s design that you may have never even thought of.

Besides asking what your customers enjoyed about your product, you will also need to ask about what factors of your product they did not enjoy.


What Do They Dislike?

What Do They Dislike

Ask your customers about what parts of your product they did not like. Try to make it a series of questions that gradually become more specific to better understand what exactly went wrong in your development process. You could first ask about what the customer thinks the product is lacking. This could lead you to a question about what expectations they had that were not met by your product.

By listing down the parts that the customer disliked, you can then ask them about how they think the product can be further improved upon.


How Can It Be Further Improved?

Want to learn how you can better improve your product to fit your customer’s needs? All you need to do is simply ask. Include a question in your product feedback surveys that ask your customers this question. Observe any similarities in their answers and draft a better version of the product depending on that. Use this as inspiration to better improve your company’s products.

These are just a couple of the best questions to ask customers in product feedback surveys. Use the data you gather to improve your current and future products to improve your customer satisfaction rate and increase sales.


Key Takeaway

Do not be afraid to receive criticisms on your products. These are crucial to help you improve and perfect its specifications.

Make sure that you ask a wide range of questions in the right format to get the most honest answers from your customers. Utilize product feedback surveys in order to improve your company’s products and your relationship with your loyal customers at the same time.

Product feedback surveys can not only help you with existing products but can also help in the development of future ones as well. With the aid of a customizable WordPress survey tool and the right questions, you will definitely be able to gather accurate and honest data from your customers.

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