How To Make Contact Tracing Easy With Survey Tools

How do you make contact tracing easy with surveys?

  1. Choose From Mandatory To Voluntary
  2. Digital and Traditional Surveys
  3. Contact Tracing Survey Content 

Using a contact tracing survey is important to keep track of potentially infected individuals. It’s an effective method to trace potential carriers and can help increase public safety. Contact tracing surveys are capable of tracking down people who are in danger of being exposed to COVID-19. Use this survey within your community to keep everyone safe. Here’s how you can make one for your establishment.

Choose From Mandatory To Voluntary

Choose From Mandatory To Voluntary

There are tons of establishments that make their contact tracing voluntary. This is because not all people are ready to share their private information. You may find yourself at a crossroads because of this choice.

However, it all depends on you and how safe you want your establishment to be. It’s much better to hold a mandatory contact tracing to ensure that all your bases are covered. Anyone entering your facility can easily be tracked and contacted this way should problems occur in the future. 

Digital and Traditional Surveys

 Digital and Traditional Surveys

Digital survey tools provide a seamless transition and access to needed data. All one needs to do is download a specific application or scan a QR code to pull up the contact tracing server. This data will then be uploaded to a server. It’s a speedy process and can be easily integrated into your current facilities.

On the other hand, you can also opt for traditional surveys. There are tons of templates to choose from and it can easily be printed out. However, it can be time-consuming to produce. One of the difficulties you’ll face with traditional paper surveys is organization. It can be challenging to filter hundreds of surveys every day to find a specific individual. There’s also the possibility of incomplete information and mishandling.

Contact Tracing Survey Content


Contact tracing is more important now than ever. It’s an effective method to track and trace potentially infected or in-danger individuals quickly and privately. This can be an effective way to stop the spread of the virus. If you’re planning to open up your facility, shop, or establishment to the public during the pandemic, you should create a contact tracing survey immediately. There are heaps of guidelines online that you can follow but not all may be necessary. You will need to choose specific and important items for your contact tracing survey content.  

Start with the name and contact number for basic information. Make sure that these are at the top of your survey. These are the fastest to write down both digitally on a mobile survey tool or on paper. Then, proceed with a section for addresses. This will take some time to write if this section requires a full address. After the address, ask questions about COVID-19 symptoms. Refer to the CDC website for the common symptoms of COVID-19 and make this a yes or no section. This section is the second most crucial as you can use the data collected here to narrow down who may have contracted the virus.

The obstacles you might face with the contact tracing survey may be related to organizing the information. A good tip to sort and organize the surveys is by alphabetical order. 

Key Takeaway

Using a contact tracing survey is a good method to control the spread of COVID-19. You can choose a digital survey tool or go with a traditional paper survey to get started. If you’re planning to open to the public, contact tracing should be part of your COVID-19 priorities. You can help the local government and hospitals manage the pandemic easier if you properly implement contact tracing.

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