COVID-19 Business Survey Ideas

What are some good COVID-19 business survey ideas?

  1. Start With Contact Information
  2. Include The Industry
  3. Business Impact
  4. Organization Impact


The current outbreak is causing a lot of problems and unprecedented health emergencies. The result is a slow economy and affected livelihoods. Businesses of all sizes are affected by this due to the large scale threat towards economic development and social welfare globally. Any business can benefit from conducting a survey. You can get important and updated information on your employees and customers with just a few questions. Here are some COVID-19 business survey ideas you can try and use.


Start With Contact Information

A woman entering contact information

These should be the first few questions on your survey tool. Contact information is helpful for a number of reasons. This can be used for contact tracing, demographics, and market research. You may opt to go as detailed or as simple as you want. But for contact tracing purposes, you will need to include a form for a complete address. Contact tracing can also be done with traditional pen and paper if you happen to work in restaurants and essential businesses.


Include The Industry

Include The Industry

If you’re conducting a general survey for a study, you should consider adding a section about the industry. This addition will help you identify which industry the individual is from. It starts as a primer to further organize your survey. This is because tons of industries across the globe are affected by this phenomenon. Understanding how each individual is affected can create a database that’s rich in information that you can use to boost your business services and quality. Aside from the basics such as medical, construction, real estate, and media, you can include other specifications by keeping the question open-ended.


Business Impact

A customer answering a survey

Businesses are impacted by the rise of cases, a slowing economy, and community quarantine. You may choose to leave this question open to different answers but if you want your data to be organized, include multiple choices. Allow the answers to be checked to see if it applies. You will need to put yourself in the shoes of other businesses and other people to come up with answers that you can use for data collection. Here are some examples:

  1. We have different hours of operation
  2. Our physical business is closed in the meantime
  3. Consumers are demanding more necessities
  4. Our supply chain is unstable

If you need to, the survey can also include an open section to allow for a much more detailed answer. Business impact surveys may also target consumers to check their purchasing behavior and how they’re affected by the pandemic. As a business, you can easily cater to customer needs if you have this part down. You can apply the same questions and adjust them from the customer perspective. How do they feel about the new operation hours? How are they coping with closed physical businesses? Are they able to buy enough necessities during this time? The answers to these questions can be used to form a new business strategy to tackle the new normal so both sides are equally satisfied.


Organization Impact

Employees wearing masks in the office

If you need to find out how organizations are dealing with the pandemic, you need to include four key areas. First, how is the organization going about crisis management? How are they responding? There are tons of unexpected conditions happening as of the moment. No one had anticipated the impact of COVID-19. Naturally, current crisis plans may not be updated or created to handle the pandemic.

The next area is the workforce. The workforce should be a priority for any organization. How are they supporting employees during this time? Is physical and emotional wellness being addressed properly? As far as communication is concerned, are people empathetic and are they informed and updated?

After analyzing the workforce, the supply chain needs to be addressed as well. The ripple effect of the pandemic is highly unpredictable and having data on the supply chain can help identify possible alternatives. Include questions about how their supply chain is affected. This is similar to the previous section. It’s always a good idea to include this in your survey.

Next, after the supply chain, is finance and activities. Some companies are experiencing low revenue due to the lack of cash flow. How is the organization managing cash and liquidity? Asking this can help create a model for different scenarios to assess the impact on profit, which can be used to revise this model frequently.


Key Takeaway

Your COVID-19 business survey ideas can be as detailed or as simple as you want them to be. This is all dependent on the data you require as of the moment. Many businesses, organizations, and people are being affected by this global phenomenon. Establishing an updated database to deal with these different conditions can allow you to plan accordingly, create new response models, and strategies. If you have a website or plan to introduce these surveys through email, remember these ideas to create a customized diverse survey for you.

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