Creating Versatile Websites Using WordPress Tools

Which WordPress tools are suitable for creating the best website?

  1. SEO Plugin
  2. Email Marketing Services
  3. Security Plugin and Web Application Firewall
  4. Caching Plugin
  5. Survey Tool Plugin


For businesses, individual bloggers, and writers, WordPress has been one of the avenues for building a website with ease. There are over 54,000 plugins that elevate SEO efforts and increase visibility on social media platforms. There are also technical tools for backup, site speed, and surveying.

Included in the seemingly endless list of effective tools is a free online survey tool, Qeryz. Having the right set of WordPress plugins and tools should help you increase site traffic, increase the response rate, and ultimately grow your online business. With that, take a look at how you can use WordPress tools to create the best website.


SEO Plugin

Flat web page design template of seo optimization homepage or header decorated people character for website and mobile website development. Flat landing page template. Vector illustration.

In the online realm, your goal is always to be on the first page of search engines to attract potential readers and turn them into buyers or main-stay audience. With that, optimizing your website for search engines like Google can support you in ranking higher and significantly increase your visibility.

While there are hundreds and thousands of SEO plugins available online, there is no need for you to apply multiple plugins on your site. Doing so will only cause conflict. On a final note, find the most suitable SEO plugin for your site according to the needs of your business. These will help you obtain insights that will tremendously improve your site’s SEO strategy and efforts.


Email Marketing Services

Despite the escalation of social media usage among the consumer market, email remains one of the most effective traditional tools to build and nurture relationships with customers. For those who are running a small online business or a freelance blog, build your email or contact list as well as create automated email newsletters and campaigns. You can easily do this through effective email marketing plugins.

Email marketing is still relevant due to the fact that you can personalize messages tailored to the pain points of the customers as well as their preferences and buying patterns.


Security Plugin and Web Application Firewall

Cyber thieves robbing computer bank data

WordPress is regarded as the most popular and used content management system. With that, it also has its inherent vulnerabilities. Since WordPress is a free and open-source software, anyone with knowledge of hacking can access, modify, steal, and share your valuable information and data. Protect your site from security vulnerabilities and other forms of malware with a reliable security plugin and web application firewall.

In choosing the right security plugin, you must be able to determine the level of protection your site needs to minimize costs. For online retailers that process transactions with customers’ credit card information, enhanced and more expensive plugins may be needed compared to those who blog about lifestyle and photography.


Caching Plugin

If you are experiencing frequent site downtime, then it is high time that you take a look at your cache for issues. Caching helps speed up WordPress sites by processing frequently requested information by users and storing them in a temporary location or memory. The plugin should be able to fetch information from the location or the database to immediately send results to the user’s browser. Caching plugins are necessary because it reduces the load time of your WordPress site.

Take note, a faster website improves the overall experience of your site visitors. One of the few factors that search engines check from sites for it to be included in the first pages of search queries is speed site. The faster your website, the more traffic it drives coming from organic search.


Survey Tool Plugin

Graphics of online survey tools

A survey tool plugin should help improve the user experience of your website visitors, increase customer satisfaction, and simply gather information about your consumers. This information can be used for future marketing efforts. One of the fastest ways to obtain feedback from your site visitors is to embed a survey on your site. When you are searching for an interactive survey plugin, you must look at certain aspects. These include the design features, reporting features, ease of use, and of course the pricing.

Take note, the best survey plugin should help you obtain as many responses as possible. Conditional logic, multi-page forms, and form abandonment are some of the design features that your survey plugin should have.


Key Takeaway

Apart from a reliable free online survey tool, there are plenty of other plugins that can make your website versatile. Web design versatility should help you publish information and content on your site that provides the best experience for your users. Keep your cache clear and ensure that your entire site is protected from malware by embedding WordPress plugins. Deliver the best site experience for your visitors and expect to convert them into audience members or buyers.

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