Customer Service Methods to Try in 2019

What are the latest customer service methods in 2019?

  1. Utilize social media
  2. Phone calls are here to stay
  3. Make it as convenient as possible
  4. Personalization
  5. Direct messages over public announcements
  6. Provide a self-service option
  7. Lead with solutions and positive language


Just like any other industry, the field of customer service is constantly evolving. It is incredibly important to always be updated with the current strategies being used such as the use of a WordPress survey tool or social media. To help you improve your company’s customer service methods, here are some of the latest trends in customer service this 2019.

Utilize social media

Utilize social media

It is no surprise that with the increasing popularity of social media, the trend of social customer service has now emerged. Social customer service basically means providing customer support and quickly answering customers’ questions through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the eyes of many consumers, quick and convenient communication is vital for good service, and this is now possible with social media. Another advantage of social customer service is that using social media costs significantly less than phone calls.

Phone calls are here to stay

Despite the rise of popularity of social media, you should not completely disregard the use of telephones. Many argue that the use of phone calls is now an outdated method. Nevertheless, customers will still turn to this reliable method when all other options fail. Additionally, there will always be customers who seek the old school method of phone calls and human interaction in customer service rather than relying on bots or online messaging. Thus, it is safe to say that the use of phone calls will not die out in customer service this year.

Make it as convenient as possible

Make it as convenient as possible

Many think that the difficult aspect of customer service is reaching a large number of people. In reality, the harder task is convincing customers to actually respond or answer feedback surveys once you have reached them. The key to achieving this is to make your customer feedback template as simple and convenient as possible. More often than not, consumers are more willing to answer feedback surveys which require the least amount of time and effort. An online tool that you can utilize to make your customer service feedback more convenient is the WordPress survey tool. This pop-up survey can be placed in any or all webpages of your company’s site, reducing the need for users to press links in order to answer your survey.

Personalization is key

Another common finding among companies is that personalization can go a long way in improving customer service experiences. Continuously addressing your customers by name while conversing with them will make them feel special and prioritized by the company. However, personalization does not stop with knowing your customer’s names. It also means showing that you value your customer’s time and going out of your way to do what is more convenient for them. An example would be asking your customer if they prefer to be updated on their request through call or email. Giving these two options shows consideration and allows your customer to control how your company will fit into their time and schedule.

Direct messages over public announcements

Direct message over public announcements

Another current trend in customer service is that consumers prefer to contact companies using private messages as opposed to commenting on public announcements and posts. One advantage of direct messaging is that it allows users to send longer messages, photos, videos, and other personal information without broadcasting them publicly. Moreover, private messaging has become a lot easier since you can now message businesses whether or not you follow the company on social media.

Provide a self-service option

Another recent trend is that a number of consumers prefer to solve their own problems rather than talk to a company representative for help. Because many consumers find that solving their own problems is more convenient, many businesses now offer customer self-service options. Customer self-service means providing options for customers to research and troubleshoot problems themselves. This is an important feature to have in your company website so that quick and easy solutions are readily available for simpler problems of customers.

Lead with solutions and positive language

Lead with solutions and positive language

Another great customer service practice that you should adopt this 2019 is to deliver bad news using positive language. Rather than giving a dismissive and negative response to a customer’s problem, answer with a solution right away in order to make the exchange more productive. With this tactic, you will come off as proactive, reliable, and confident to your customers and will surely result in a positive customer service experience.

Key Takeaway

Similar to many other fields, practices in customer service change and evolve constantly over time. Many of the current trends in customer service emerged because of advancements in technology and the taste of consumers for everything quick and convenient.

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