How to Enhance Your Blogging Experience with WordPress Survey Tools

How do WordPress survey tools enhance your blogging experience?

  1. Knows more about your customers
  2. Responds to a changing market
  3. Helps determine customer satisfaction
  4. Collects testimonials for social proof


A great way to collect feedback from customers is to use survey tools. From WordPress blogs to business websites large and small alike, the best online survey sites can help you collect insights into your target market.

Many business owners know that operating on a small budget can be difficult for startups that are looking to grow fast. Luckily, online survey tools can help startup companies even with the tightest budgets in order for them to do the research they need to form their business strategy.

As an aspiring business owner or even a just a blogger, you probably want to do something that brings the most return for the least amount of effort. Survey tools can do that for you by collecting customer opinions which can help bloggers and potential business owners like you to make smart decisions. Here are a few ways survey tools can help enhance your blogging experience.


Know more about your customers


If you are a blogger or a startup business owner, there is a good chance that you are operating on a very tight budget. You might not have the resources and the time to conduct in-depth research using traditional methods. With WordPress survey tools, however, you won’t have to because it is a cost-effective solution that is even used by some of the bigger brands to help understand more about the demographics of their customers.


Even if you know the group of people you want to target, you might not be too familiar with all their needs. There might even be a significant amount of sales being made by a key demographic that you were not expecting. Use a survey tool on your website and include important demographic questions about their needs, their lifestyles, the challenges they face, etc. Analyze the data and use it to make strategic business decisions like building partnerships, product development, and gaining support from stakeholders.


Respond to a changing market


Past experiences, various media reports, and a changing market can all influence the perception of your industry and business to a consumer. You might be unaware of a widespread view about the brands in your sector that can either hinder or drive involvement.

You can get an insight into the choices people make through surveys. You can know when they visit your blog or website what they like or dislike about it and how they view different brands. You can also get a feel for the kind of language your customers use because they probably will not be using as much industry jargon as professionals would.

The responses you gain from your surveys can help determine the content of your blog post as well as influence your landing page copy. Making simple changes to your content to key pages on your website may help increase leads and increase sales.


Determine customer satisfaction



The website you build as an aspiring business owner or blogger might suffer from a few glitches that show up through the sales process. Use surveys from the best online survey sites to ask for customer feedback and let them highlight any negative experience they may have had.

You might also come across new quirks about your websites like an unclear wording on how to make a purchase, technical faults on the checkout page, or unhelpful support from staff. These little nuggets of information, despite being negative, are like finding a goldmine! It allows you to stop second-guessing what may be preventing conversion from the customer and immediately brings you to the stage where you can fix it.

Of course, you should always hope that you come across the opposite with these customer surveys. Aim to garner a larger amount of positive responses over negative and proudly display a handy statistic on your website such as 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with your service.


Collect testimonials for social proof


You can use surveys to include positive testimonials from customers on your website or blog as social proof. Doing this is much more than patting yourself on the back for the customers to see. It is about reducing any anxieties from consumers when trying out a new brand, especially if they have had a bad experience with another company in the past.

You should send out a short survey once the customer has received your product or shortly after you make a sale. This way, you are targeting your customer at the peak of their interest which makes it more likely that you will receive a review.

This is a great way not only to see how well you are satisfying the needs of your customers but also shows that you value the feedback and opinion of your customers.


Key Takeaway


Simply providing a great service to your customers does not cut it anymore. Your blog or business website needs to do more to keep customers coming back with so much competition in every industry.

Customers like interacting with brands that they feel they have a close, personal relationship with. Keep them invested in your business by sending out a survey using online survey tools. Gain the knowledge and insight you need and make key business changes accordingly.

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