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Qeryz vs QualarooLet’s get one thing straight: Qualaroo is an awesome tool. In fact, I was a user before and I loved it! But the main reason why it sucks for a lot of people is because it’s priced in such a way that is not really affordable for start-ups and most webmasters out there.

This is why we built Qeryz – as a powerful alternative to Qualaroo. We started there, and now we’re veering off to our own set of innovations in improving the tool and making most of our functionality available to the Free Forever account.

The first and starkest difference between Qualaroo and Qeryz is pricing. Qualaroo’s starting price is at $79/mo (billed quarterly – meaning you get charged for 3 months the moment you sign up for their paid account) while Qeryz’s starting paid plan costs $15/mo which is billed monthly (meaning you can cancel your account anytime). In fact, our most expensive plan (Agency) is at $79/mo.

Qeryz Pricing
Qeryz Pricing
Qualaroo Pricing
Qualaroo Pricing


Why did we price it this way? It’s because we believe this is how much the tool should really cost. We’re not, in any way, trying to cut down our price just for beating other pricing models. We are keeping the pricing low because we believe the most fundamental function of a survey tool such as Qeryz and Qualaroo should be affordable.

The next (awesome) difference is that Qeryz can tell you WHO answered your survey – without asking your users their name or email.

Like magic.

Qualaroo cannot.

The best thing about this feature? It’s available for ALL plans – from Free Forever all the way up to our Agency plan.

You could check out this unique Qeryz feature here.

The next main difference is we have a Free Forever account while Qualaroo only has a free trial. This makes a world of difference if the user doesn’t want to spend down the line but wants to keep the functionality and data.

Free Forever

With Qeryz, you get to keep everything.

Another noticeable difference is that our Starter plan ($15/mo) offers a lot more features than their Small Business plan ($79/mo billed quarterly).

Qeryz Vs Qualaroo Pricing
Qeryz Vs Qualaroo Pricing


This all sounds good and favorable towards Qeryz so why don’t we outline what Qualaroo has in advantage? First-off, Qualaroo has lots of integrations with different SaaS tools out there. However, most of them are only available for the Enterprise level (which costs $499/mo and billed annually). This poses as a respectable advantage when companies who use a lot of other SaaS tools want to use Qualaroo in an integrated fashion.

Why isn’t Qeryz integrated with those other SaaS companies? To put it simply: Qeryz is not building for enterprise users. What we’re building for is the common webmaster who is cash-strapped but wants to capture customer feedback effectively in their website. This is who we were, and these are the kinds of people we want to hire out our tool for.

Bottom line is, we’re not really competing with Qualaroo. They’re on a whole different level. We’re serving a market that they left wanting. A market that doesn’t have as much cashflow than their current customers. We’re serving a market that is bootstrapped, cash-strapped and brilliant in many different ways.

For those kinds of people, Qeryz is the best alternative to Qualaroo.

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    1. Sarah,
      We’re super pumped up for the value you’ll get out of Qeryz – especially now that we’re hands and knees into developing new, awesome features for you.

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