Reasons To Use Qualitative Survey On Your Website

What are the reasons to use a qualitative survey on your website?

  1. It Gives You the Freedom to Ask Away
  2. Helps Identify Consumer Preferences
  3. You Get to Garner Honest Feedback
  4. It Provides a Clear Picture of How to Improve Your Products and Services

There are two types of surveys that businesses can utilize to know what customers are thinking about their brand. These are quantitative and qualitative surveys. Arguably, one of the most effective ways to start paying attention to what the customers are saying is through a qualitative survey. Qualitative surveys are made up of open-ended questions. Here are some reasons to use a qualitative survey on your website.  

What Are Qualitative Surveys?

Unlike quantitative surveys that gather numerical data, qualitative surveys focus on a participant’s point of view. It focuses on the questions “how” or “what”. Qualitative surveys do not have questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Instead, it asks participants why they answered that way in the first place.

It Gives You The Freedom To Ask Away

Qualitative surveys are regarded as exploratory in nature and are used to uncover trends in the thoughts and opinions of participants. When making questions for a qualitative survey, it will be open-ended. 

A qualitative survey allows you to collect detailed information about your users. This gives you the freedom to ask about anything relevant and also allows greater conversation control for the rest of the survey. 

One tip when formulating questions is to make your respondents describe or explain something clearly in your question. A good example of a qualitative question is, “How would you describe your experience while shopping with us?”. You can follow it up with a question like, “Why do you think this way?”. 

Helps Identify Consumer Preferences 

Helps Identify Consumer Preferences

Customer preferences will always shift. Their consumption patterns will constantly evolve as economic situations change. A qualitative survey will help you clearly identify what is relevant for your customers now. 

You know for sure that the majority of the participants will feel a specific way about a particular situation because of ongoing trends. For example, you know that everyone purchases from food delivery, but what you don’t know is why people do it, how many people actually enjoyed the service, and who will return for another transaction in the future.

If you are still adopting old marketing ways for your website, chances are you are missing out on growing your business. Invest in market research that can help you understand customer trends. Placing a qualitative survey on your website is a fantastic way to help you understand your market in-depth.

You Get To Garner Honest Feedback

Given the open-ended nature of qualitative surveys, you can expect to garner honest feedback from your customers. Keep in mind that they are not limited to answering only “yes” or “no”. 

Qualitative surveys create a sense of openness among participants and enable them to expound on their responses. They will not only state their perceptions about your products and services but also express their feelings and emotions. 

In addition, qualitative surveys are also a great way to acquire data that are both reliable and unbiased. For example, your participants may tell you that they prefer other companies because of certain factors. It will help you come up with a clear explanation of why you are not gaining an edge from competitors.  

It Provides A Clear Picture Of How To Improve Your Products And Services

It Provides A Clear Picture Of How To Improve Your Products And Services

When you place a qualitative survey on your website, it will set your business up for success. You will be equipped with in-depth knowledge about your customers’ opinions, preferences, and even spending patterns. For one, they might state if they had encountered obstacles with the payment methods. 

Qualitative surveys will tell you what to improve about your products and services because the customers will probe further into why they feel the way they do. 

For example, you have questions that pop out on your website whenever you a customer purchases a product like, “How do you think we can improve on our services/products?”. Whether it’s good feedback on bad feedback you will immediately know how to adjust your business operations according to consumer preferences. 

Key Takeaway

We have rounded up some of the reasons to use qualitative surveys on your website. Qualitative surveys can be a very helpful tool for businesses. It is a fool-proof technique to acquire that coveted customer feedback. 

When done right, it can develop an in-depth understanding of how to improve your products and services. In turn, it will help shape your business and guide your decisions in the right direction. Try placing a qualitative survey on your website and see the results through Qeryz. Click here to learn about the survey features we offer! 

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