How to Use Surveys to Grow Your Business

How can surveys help you achieve business growth?

  1. Better Marketing Decisions
  2. Instant Customer Feedback
  3. Improved Products and Services
  4. Develop Business Reputation
  5. Helps Generate Leads

One of the main purposes of surveys is to grow your business. These simple, yet invaluable tools are the most convenient methods for businesses to gauge what their clients and customers are expecting from them. Businesses should not operate within a vacuum — they understand the importance of being receptive to customer perceptions. After all, this is one of the many ways by which businesses are able to thrive in their respective industries. By using surveys, this is certainly possible. Continue reading to learn more.

Better Marketing Decisions

A team developing a marketing plan

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that every business starts out with a drive to earn. They do this by introducing a product, or service in the market, and then finding out if they’ll have some luck with it. Before they make a decision, however, it’s important that they come up with a thorough and well-formulated marketing plan.

A typical marketing plan defines the company’s goals, mission, vision, and objectives. This is the type of document that contains information on the intended target audience, company budget, and feasibility of a particular merchandise, or company decision.

Surveys make the best accompaniment for any marketing plan, because they enable organizations to make better marketing decisions not only in the present, but also in the future. With a comprehensive survey that covers all bases, it can be relatively easy to get a large volume of responses from the customers. The results gathered from these surveys will then give businesses an idea into their customers’ insights, and act based on them.

Instant Customer Feedback

Good customer feedback

If you look at the back of food packaging, or those of products that you purchase, it’s common to find a business’s contact information. These are included in order to let the customer know that the organization is receptive to any feedback that they may receive — including complaints. 

More often than not, however, businesses aren’t necessarily contacted in this method. In the event that they do, one can just imagine how challenging it must be for a business’s customer service personnel, or sales representatives to attend to every call, or e-mail for example.

With this in mind, surveys have been developed as a faster and more instantaneous way of getting feedback from customers. When visiting an online shopping platform, for example, surveys can be included as part of the web design. These plugins are easily viewable and don’t take more than a few minutes of one’s time to accomplish. Upon completion, the response of the participant will be automatically forwarded to the person responsible.

Improved Products and Services

Steps going up to a light bulb

You’re probably aware of the term “quality control”. This refers to a basis that businesses turn to, in order to constantly ensure that their products and services are meeting, or even exceeding customer expectations. 

The quality control process may differ across many businesses, but there is one thing in common — it’s difficult to assess how well the product or service is doing without the assistance of surveys. Through surveys, businesses are able to specifically understand which aspect of their operations needs to be modified in order to accommodate the customer. Surveys can contain a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions. It’s fairly common to spot questions like “On a scale of 1-10, how well do you rate our product?” or more open-ended questions like “What can we do to improve this function?”.

When customers feel like they’re being heard and not simply dismissed, the more they will view the business in a more favorable light. This also helps the business increase the trust coming from the participants.

Develop Business Reputation

Consumer giving good reviews on a company website

Unless your business belongs in a niche industry, it’s likely that you’re competing with thousands of other companies who are offering the same services. What may set your business apart from the others, is not only your reputation, but the quality of your services as well.

If you want to develop your business reputation, then it might be time to take advantage of the humble survey. Your survey can be formatted dependent on your business’s preference. The important thing to consider is to make sure that you have included all queries that can give you the metrics your business is looking for.

Give your respondents an opportunity to freely express themselves by way of testimonials, recommendations, or endorsements. With the permission of your respondents, of course, you can collect their answers and use them to promote your organization’s brand.

Helps Generate Leads

Good leads report on a team meeting

Whether or not you’ve already established yourself as a formidable player in your industry, it’s important for you to always be on the lookout for effective ways of generating leads. 

Leads are ways for you to grow your business not only by way of increasing the number of your clients, but also sustaining your relationship with already-existing customers. With a better reputation for your company, you’ll be able to receive many referrals through the help of the customer. This opens you up for potential partnerships with other businesses in different fields, which can potentially lead to many positive business outcomes.

Key Takeaway

Using surveys to grow your will be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Despite its simple format, your business can get immeasurable benefits, like generating leads, improving brand reputation, developing better services, and making informed marketing decisions.

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