Acquisition Features

Click on the Feature you want to see and we'll explain Exactly what it does for you.

Auto Redirect to Answer

Be able to redirect users to a specific page or site you desire depending on their answer. Eliminates the need for them to click on a 'Call-to-Action' link.

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Call to Action

Allow your users to click on a link after asking them your set of questions. It could be a link to a free e-book, whitepaper or a registration form. You name it. Or rather, you link it.

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Qeryz Identifier

Identify WHO answered WHAT in your survey without asking them for their name or email. Like Magic.

Qeryz is now able to let you know who answered what with your customer survey. And it’s super easy to get started!

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Remove Branding

It's our main engine of growth but we realize you may not like our brand hanging out in your website. You can remove the Qeryz brand as you wish.

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Traffic Targetting

Be able to show your survey to a specific segment of your visitors - people who came directly to your site, who came from search engines, from social media, from a referring site or people who performed a specific action such as adding an item to his/her shopping cart.

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Device Visibility

Qeryz surveys are designed to show on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop computers. Sleek design and unintrusive functionality - that's what we're about.

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