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Show your survey on the exact moment when a user is about to leave your website. Capture the 'why' behind their lack of engagement.

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Scheduled Surveys

The thing is, 99% of the people who use Qeryz have better things to do than login, check their responses and create new surveys everyday. So we made sure you could schedule your surveys - when one will stop and the other one will run - automatically.

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Scrolling Behavior

Set your survey to show depending on where they are vertically in your website. Best used for blogs where scrolling is a natural activity for engaged readers.

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Skip Logic

If a user leaves your site with an unfinished survey, it doesn't matter. The moment they step back in your site, they will continue exactly where they left off.

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Survey Display Frequency

After a survey has been answered, you can set the number of days before it will show again.

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Timed Survey

Trigger your survey to show after a number of seconds or minutes have expired.

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Stop Showing After X

Don't want your survey to show too many times to a visitor? No problem. Make your survey stop showing after it has shown itself enough times.

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Minimized Survey Messages

Users can minimize your survey and it stays minimized for the entire experience. Be able to leave a message even if your survey is minimized.

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