4 Common Problems with WordPress Survey Plugins and Why You Should Choose Qeryz

5 Common Problems with WordPress Survey Plugins and Why You Should Choose Qeryz

What are the common problems faced by WordPress survey plugins and tools?

  1. Inaccurate Data
  2. Ignored Surveys
  3. Too Much Ads Being Showcased
  4. Irrelevant/Inconsistent Survey Topics


WordPress survey plugins have proven their importance in the world of content management as these simple WordPress tools have done their part in gathering the feedback they need from various users around the online world. With these tools in store, it’s no doubt that numerous website owners, online-business practitioners, and various other content producers will continue to produce accordingly based on the honest feedback gathered by these tools.

However, while WordPress survey plugins and other tools are regarded as important, they do come with their fair share of problems that prove to be common across similar operators. With that said, Qeryz is definitely the tool to use as not only is it reliable in gathering the feedback data you need, it comes with its own set of features and capabilities that set it aside as a totally unique tool to use.

Before we get to why you should choose Qeryz, here are 4 of some of the most common problems WordPress survey plugins and other tools face from time to time:


Inaccurate Data

When it comes to gathering data as a whole, it can certainly come with a few inaccuracies here and there. For most WordPress survey plugins and tools, there is a chance that the data gathered and calibrated will be inaccurate. However, this has very little to do with the specific plugin chosen.

Ignored Surveys

Data gathered from surveys can help pinpoint what could use some improvement on the website. The downside is it is very common for users not to pay any attention to the survey. No answer, no data.

There are several reasons why surveys are ignored. Maybe the questions are too difficult or not engaging enough. Perhaps the design isn’t very eye-catching and visitors don’t really notice them at all! There’s also a chance that the survey asks about sensitive topics and the questions aren’t worded correctly.

Too Many Ads Shown

Ads can be somewhat of an inconvenience, sometimes an interference, and mostly distracting. The last thing anyone wants to see is an overload of ads being shown rather than the content itself, and this can also overshadow the survey. The more the ads being showcased all at once, the more likely the site’s survey (or even the site itself) will be ignored by users netwide.

Irrelevant and Inconsistent Survey Topics

When we want to answer a survey every after use of the site, we want the survey’s content to be of relevance as much as possible. Irrelevant and inconsistent survey topics are definitely one of the most common problems WordPress plugins and tools face as they can cause every user to lose interest of the site itself. 


Feedback is one of the most sought-after forms of data to consider when it comes to a site’s overall standing—which in turn can affect a site’s overall ranking in SEO terms. The 4 common problems mentioned above can be a hindrance to the growth of your website. When it comes to survey plugins, Qeryz is very much recommended and recognized as one of the most reliable tools available.


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