4 Best Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback happens to be the key to garnering customer insight. It is desperately needed by businesses in different industries. It is the key to innovation, to self-improvement and excellence. If you are seeking for great customer feedback software for your business’s website, we’ve listed down four of the best customer feedback software below.



Embedding videos and images into one’s survey isn’t a common feature in the survey world but if you really need to do it, then it is best to do it with GetFeedback. It allows you to create a visually enticing survey for your consumers by allowing you to utilize different visual media on your survey.

Getfeedback is available in four packages. The personal package limits you to a hundred respondents per month as well as unlimited questions for your unlimited surveys. The Professional package comes in with an increase of a thousand respondents plus team collaboration, advanced logic and priority email support. The Enterprise package gives you ten thousand respondents as well as custom URLs, salesforce connector and white-labelling. The Salesforce package has ten thousand respondents, salesforce custom object support, add or update by email and many more.



If you are new to using customer feedback software for your business, then it would be best if you are to start off with Surveymonkey. It’s a great platform if you’ve just started using surveys. It’s extremely user friendly and numerous businesses around the world trust it.

Surveymonkey has four different packages suited for each website or blog’s different needs. One can avail of their Basic free package, which is perfect for students. Included are 10 questions for 100 respondents as well as standard email support. Next is the Select package which permits you to a limit of a thousand respondents, ask an unlimited number of questions, priority 24/7 email support, cross-tabs and filters, export data and reports as well as skip logic. It also permits you to customize your survey by including your logo, company colors and of course, a customized URL for your respondent’s easy access. Their most popular package is Gold. In addition to the Select’s benefits, you also get statistical significance, text analysis, question, answer piping and randomization and many more. For the platinum package, you get all these plus white label surveys, team collaboration and phone support.



The word “customize” has a certain appeal to it– in fact, it’s the main reason why some choose a certain game, app or software. If what you want is a survey you can modify to your heart’s content for your business, then Mycustomerfeedback is the best choice for you. It happens to be one of the most flexible customer feedback software you can find online today as you can customize it to adapt to your industry’s strict regulations.

Mycustomerfeedback allows you to capture your respondent’s responses in numerous formats from emails to phone calls and even images. The standard package, priced at $95 per month, allows you repeat customer quick search, post-sales technical support and customizable fields and pick lists. It also gives you yearly software updates and enhancements as well as post-sales technical support.


Qeryz Logo

Not all businesses want a full, one page survey for their customers to answer. This is where Qeryz come in. It’s a micro survey software that allows you to ask questions in either a text survey, multiple choice, checkboxes, net promoter score or date. It’s a call to action software where the next question depends on your answer.

Qeryz offers two free packages. The first one gives you a maximum of two running surveys, one target domain and a maximum of 50 respondents. The other package is the Free Plus, where it requires you to invite five people to Qeryz. With this package, you get a maximum of 200 respondents, three running surveys and one target domain. For the paid packages, Starter gives you a net promoter score, scheduled surveys, three domains, advanced targeting, ten Qeryz surveys and a maximum of 1,000 respondents. Next is the Pro which includes  all the perks of the Starter pack plus advanced survey behaviors, which replaces advanced targeting. Also in the package are multiple color schemes for your surveys, an increased number of 4,500 respondents, five domains and 20 Qeryz surveys. Last is the Agency, where you can get all the benefits of the previous packages and a whopping 15,00 respondents, both advanced targeting and survey behavior, unlimited Qeryz surveys, priority customer support and the option to remove the Qeryz branding.

Remember, a survey isn’t any good if you don’t ask the right questions. Use these surveys well and may you get the best results possible.

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general.

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