4 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Customer Surveys

customer surveys

Ideally, hiring an expert to create well-structured formats of customer surveys is best thing to do, but did you know that you can craft up a fantastic survey on your own as well? Invest your time in learning more on how to whip up a perfectly structured and fool-proof customer survey. Also, it doesn’t hurt to save a little bit of your money. Whether you prefer to be assisted or would want to execute it yourself, here’s a guide about the major mistakes some entrepreneurs usually make when creating an effective customer survey.

Don’t waste another minute on ineffective customer surveys!

No Personal Communication

Time and time again, the number 1 rule of customer surveying is to provide a personal communication with the clients in order for them to feel they’re special and that all of their wants and queries would be answered. Provide contact information so your customers would be able to keep themselves posted about the surveys they’ve answered. Also, when it comes to handling negative comments, it would be best to answer them and have a plan laid out to fix the glitches. Finally, say thank you to the clients who took the time to answer the survey and were honest enough to really tell you about the things they liked and disliked about your service.

Boring and Overworked Surveys

Customers don’t want to feel worked up when answering your questions. You have to remember that they’re doing their part of the bargain and it’s going to take up their time, so make sure that your survey is well formatted so answering it would be a breeze for them. Don’t bombard them with repetitive questions; pick out the ones that can provide you with the data you need. Simple and precise—these are the two words you need to live by in order to create an effective survey.

Wrong Target Audience

Who are you asking questions from? Are these people visitors that you want to convert into clients or are they loyal customers that you want to please more? Find out the right kind of people to ask because it would be a total waste if you’re just asking random people that don’t have a bearing on the success of your business. Disregard the queries don’t matter. But if ever this happens and you’ve already asked these people, then thank them for their time and don’t proceed to asking more because it’s just a waste of time. Focus your attention on the real clients and the target group you’ve originally planned to ask.

Not Giving Incentives

People work best when they know that there are incentives. What entrepreneurs often forget is that rewarding would mean more to them especially since it’s you who’s taking up their time. But this does not mean grand incentives that’ll cost you so much money—you can give them small prizes just so they will be motivated enough to do it. For instance, giving them vouchers or gift certificates from a certain brand or even yours would really spark up their interest. It doesn’t have to be luxurious for as long as the customers would be rewarded at the very least.

The common mistakes that were mentioned above are often overlooked, especially when people dwell on the technical side of things. They tend to forget the most basic and simple things. When it comes to customer surveys, it should always be simple, quick, easy and interactive. Remember not to commit these mistakes so as to avoid wasted time and efforts on your part.

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