5 Benefits of Installing a WordPress Survey Plugin to Your Site

What are the benefits of installing a WordPress survey plugin to your site?

  1. You’ll get to know your audience better.
  2. It lets users know that their opinions matter.
  3. It can be a feature in itself.
  4. Surveys can be engaging.
  5. Discussions generate traffic.


WordPress has, for a long time, been one of the top content management systems. It’s a useful tool for business as well. In an era heavily focused on digital marketing, to be able to get feedback from users is vital to decision-making—and WordPress survey plugins are there for that specific purpose.

WordPress survey plugins are, basically, some questions that appear on your website. However, there is more to them than just being an extra placeholder to your site.

They can be used to help you get involved with your subscribers, make your site look better, or be one of the things that keep your followers hooked, among others.

Read on below to find out about the 5 benefits of having WordPress survey plugins installed on your site.


You’ll Get to Know Your Audience Better

You’ll Get to Know Your Audience Better

If there is anything that’s equally as important as getting feedback, it’s having an idea of who you’re getting feedback from.

Two different people may have the same comments, but their respective reasons behind them aren’t always likely to be the same as well—and reasons lead to decisions.

Many WordPress survey plugins allow you to create sets of questions and queries that will appear dynamically, depending on how the user answered the previous or current question. There is also the option of skipping questions as well, and sometimes, knowing the questions that users skipped is reliable information on its own.


It Lets Users Know That Their Opinions Matter

The more views and subscribers a content creator the gets, the better. However, when some people have attained the success they were aiming for, they tend to neglect the very people who helped get them there.

Having survey plugins installed on your site will help the thought that you’re only in it for the views, and have no concern about what your followers have to say.

Users will have the idea that what they have to say is important to you, and that you are keeping them in mind when you’re creating new content.


It Can Be a Feature in Itself

Let’s face it, white forms with your typical checkboxes and text boxes are bland. If you stumbled upon that, you’re probably going to try to answer it as quickly as you can, too.

Surveys don’t have to be like this. In fact, WordPress survey plugins can be extensively customized to look every bit as pleasing as your site is. Who says surveys have to be boring to be effective?

Customizing your survey forms gives users the impression that you pay attention to every last detail, which is a nice bonus—and in marketing, bonuses are always welcome.


Surveys Can Be Engaging

Surveys Can Be Engaging

You might have come across surveys on social media which asked a series of questions to determine which superhero you are, or what the zodiac sign of your soulmate is. Granted, these are just for entertainment, but a well-designed survey can work just as effectively.

Rather than just putting the stuff you would typically put on a survey, add some items that will keep the user engaged.

For example, you could put in a little riddle, or a sarcastic question—or anything else that doesn’t have to be completely related to the topic, but will get the user’s attention for at least the next few minutes.

Surveys aren’t the most entertaining thing to do, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring either.


Discussions Generate Traffic

Comments sections aren’t just there for criticisms on your post; they’re also there for criticisms on other comments.

And when it comes to comments, people on the Internet have an infinite supply.

If one user posts either an interesting or ridiculous comment, then another one will reply with something equally ridiculous. Another user comes to the conversation and posts his own reply, and so on.

Before you know it, the comment thread will be longer than the article you wrote itself.

You can give yourself a headache by trying to keep track of the latest comment replies, or you can just let them continue interacting with each other and build up traffic to your site. Either way is a good thing.


Key Takeaway

Opting to have a WordPress survey plugin installed on your site opens the way for a lot more benefits other than having access to more varied ways of getting feedback from your audience.

In the field of digital marketing, producing engaging content and having loyal followers is key.

While you are solely responsible for whether your subscribers are going to stay or not, survey plugins definitely aid you in this matter.

There are a lot of WordPress survey plugins to choose from, so be sure to find the one that fits your site perfectly, and allows you to get feedback from your followers while interacting with them at the same time.

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