“They are Always Right!” How to Make the Most Out of Customer Feedback

customer feedback

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs think that customer opinions about their product matter the most. This is true! However, some businesses don’t know how to utilize these opinions effectively. They think that simply gathering data from customers to see what else they need to improve is enough. The thing is, these data would be rendered useless if you don’t put them into good use.

Through customer feedback, entrepreneurs could easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of their products or services. If you’re someone who’s putting up a business of your own, it’s important to make this a part of your strategy and know what makes your clients tick. Be it positive or negative, feedback is essential for the growth of your business. In this article, we will help you think of ways on how you can maximize customer feedback with ease!

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Surveys have come a long way from being simple to an effective instrument for gaining online customer reviews. You can produce surveys with targeted content and it would be easier to classify which category each feedback should be under. Use questions that are open-ended and would encourage ratings. Free-response questions are the most advisable since you could gain additional insights that are not listed in your form, as opposed to having a multiple choice-type of survey. Make sure that the questions would not reflect your own assumptions and will help you keep track of the marketing mistakes in the future.

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As much as possible, try to communicate with your customers. Listen to their stories! Let them talk about their experiences and take note of their reactions. If you have ample time and budget, you may also conduct an FGD (Focused Group Discussion) among selected customers so you would know how your services appeal to multiple clients. Through this, you can learn new information straight from your customers about how and why they use your product. These people can give recommendations on how you could enhance what needs to be improved.

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We’re not saying that you should not improve your product’s weak points—it’s just that most of the time, the success of your business relies on how you make the most out of its strengths. It’s a big plus if your customers had pleasant experiences with your product. Ask follow-up questions and focus on the aspects that could save you from lagging behind your competitors. Take criticisms constructively and use them for growth and development.

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As we’ve said above, it is not enough to simply gather data. Once you’ve obtained pertinent information to help you with your market research, proceed to formulating your plans of action. Decide what alterations you would make based on your clients’ comments and sniff around on what mainly satisfies them. Work on your methods of online marketing and see to it that you take note of the testimonials that you’ve compiled.

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This tip is usually easier said than done—it actually takes a lot before your ideas can be in sync with the opinions of your customers. After you’ve created your game plan, the data you’re keeping should then be assessed. Highlight statistical data that can be significant in identifying what appeals most to the public. Pay attention to detail and actual statements from customers. Prove positive feedback by showcasing your product’s awards and recognitions if there are any—this would make you more credible and increase your chances of being known.


Though it’s nice to receive positive feedback every now and then, one should allow room for improvement and work on the areas that need your attention. The opinions of your customers will reflect the kind of services you offer as an entrepreneur and how you establish your business’ branding, especially in this modern world of marketing where competition is very, very tough. Utilize client feedback wisely and stand out from the rest!

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general.

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