Customer Feedback Questions for Customer Surveys

What are the common customer feedback questions for customer surveys?

  1. How satisfied are you with our offering?
  2. What do you like about our product/service?
  3. Did we meet your expectations? Why or why not?
  4. How likely are you to recommend us?
  5. What features or improvements do you suggest?
  6. Will you continue using our product/service?
  7. Anything else to share?


  • Customer feedback is important because it indicates the success, or the improvements needed in your business.
  • These questions can be your guide to comprehend how important customer sentiments are.
  • Qeryz provides a feedback tool that can help you gather and analyze data for the success of your business.

Customer feedback questions for customer surveys encompass different aspects of the customer experience. Asking these questions can allow businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment to gather insights. This results in increased satisfaction levels and preferences through improvements in various areas.

In this article, let’s find out some customer feedback questions to identify the strengths to leverage and pinpoint the opportunities for growth to better meet customer needs and expectations.

How Satisfied Are You with Our Offering?

Asking customers directly about their satisfaction levels provides valuable insights into their overall experience with a company’s product or service. This question acts as a barometer, measuring customer opinion and sentiment.

The responses to this question not only provide a numerical satisfaction score but also offer valuable feedback on specific aspects of the offering that are either succeeding or falling short. This enables businesses to make informed decisions on how to enhance customer satisfaction and cultivate long-term loyalty.

What Do You Like About Our Product/Service?

What do you like about our product/service?

Inviting customers to express what they like about your product or service can help you gain an understanding of your business’s strengths and areas of excellence. This question dwells on the distinctive features or qualities that customers find appealing or valuable.

This not only reinforces the aspects that are already resonating with customers but also serves as a validation of a company’s efforts in meeting customer expectations and needs. Showing your strengths can enhance your brand reputation, attract new customers, and foster stronger relationships with the existing ones.

Did We Meet Your Expectations? Why or Why Not?

Between a company’s promises and the experience of the customers, understanding their alignment is important in this question. Once the customers indicate that their expectations are met, it results in a positive customer experience since it suggests that the company has effectively delivered its promises.

If they express their dissatisfaction, it signals possible discrepancies that need actionable insights to look at areas for improvement. This will address a reassessment of efforts with customer expectations to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

How Likely Are You to Recommend Us?

How likely are you to recommend us?

Customers’ probability to recommend a product or service to others is a decisive indicator of customer loyalty and advocacy. Asking them this helps you gauge the level of satisfaction and trust they have established in your company.

This question is also typically used to compute the Net Promoter System (NPS), which is a known metric and arrives at a single score that reflects overall customer sentiment and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates who can boost referrals and business growth.

What Features or Improvements Do You Suggest?

Collecting direct feedback from customers on their preferences and needs is a proactive way to identify areas for improvement and innovation to remain competitive. Customer insights reveal blind spots and opportunities for enhancements, leveraging their unique perspectives and experiences.

The feedback from this question can lead to future developments and new features or improvements in the business. This can also strengthen their connection to the brand as an appreciation for being heard in the products and services they use.

Will You Continue Using Our Product/Service?

Will you continue using our product/service?

The intention of customers to continually use your products or services suggests a high level of satisfaction and loyalty, which is positive for the business’s growth and stability. This question assesses customer retention and predicts a future business.

On the other hand, if the customers indicate uncertainty or a lack of commitment to continue using your product or service, it signals dissatisfaction which needs to be addressed immediately. Assessing the reasons behind customer’s intentions can improve retention rates and drive long-term success.

Anything Else to Share?

Giving chance to customers to share their insights in an open-ended space allows you to access their unfiltered and spontaneous feedback. This gives them the freedom to express any additional feedback, thoughts, or concerns that may have not been managed by the previous questions.

Customers can communicate their opinions and concerns in their own words which permits a more comprehensive understanding of their experiences. This also provides valuable guidance for future improvements and initiatives.

Key Takeaway

These elaborated customer feedback questions for customer surveys help you achieve a more comprehensive understanding of how important customer sentiments are.

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