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Qeryz is the leading website feedback tool that lets you collect customer feedback directly from your website, target visitors, and analyze data to improve conversion rates.

During an era where information is readily accessible for everyone, customer feedback data proves to be highly valuable for organizations. Customer feedback lets you gain insights and a deeper understanding of whether you are meeting customer’s wants and needs. Long-term speaking, a customer satisfaction survey tool can lead to boosting customer loyalty, increasing repeat purchase rates, and increasing overall revenue. If you want to improve the way you do business, there is no better way than using the Qeryz website feedback tool.

The Qeryz website feedback software turns your page into a dynamic canvas for gathering customer feedback. As an enterprise-grade website feedback tool, it is designed to be easy-to-use yet powerful and brand-friendly to skyrocket your business toward success. Read on to learn more about what Qeryz can offer your business today!

What is Website Feedback?

What is Website Feedback?


Successful companies and organization leaders recognize that customer feedback is a major driver to creating long-term success. Why? Customer feedback gives you an idea of what is going into your users’ minds. The data you gather can be used to improve user experience (UX) and boost conversions.

Website feedback is the method for collecting customer feedback directly on your website and the data can be analyzed to learn more about why they provided a specific type of feedback. This is the primary reason why using a website feedback tool can lead your organization on the path to success.

Why Choose Qeryz For Your Website Feedback Tool

Why Choose Qeryz For Your Website Feedback Tool


If you truly want to know what is going through the heads of your visitors — what they think about your site and how they think this can be improved — you’ve come to the right place!

Qeryz is the leading website feedback tool that has catered to both local and multinational clients such as Hubstaff, Canva, Red Bull, Uratex Foam, and many more. Our website feedback software can also help your business gather valuable user feedback and know more about how you can make things better for them — all while boosting customer loyalty and conversion rates. Read on.

Advanced targeting to engage the right users at the right time

Eliminate the guesswork in surveying the right visitors at the right time. The Qeryz WordPress survey plugin can be installed through the WordPress content management software to get you the answers you need in seconds.

Our feedback software collects customer feedback from your website’s visitors. The best part is, Qeryz lets you benefit from an advanced targeting feature to engage the right users at the right time. Advanced targeting is important as it segments your users based on where they came from. This gives you a better idea of user intent, allowing you to capitalize on that data.

Target your visitors with the Qeryz website feedback tool with these segment options:

  • Came from anywhere on the web
  • Came directly to your site (typed in your URL or bookmarked)
  • Visited your website from a specific referring domain
  • Came to your site from a specific search engine (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer)

In addition, you can show your Qeryz website feedback tool only to a target group of people and those who are exhibiting a specific behavior — whether they are about to abandon your page, their scrolling is progressing, or they are staying on your site for a specific time. The Qeryz identifier is another advanced targeting feature that lets you identify WHO answered WHAT in your feedback survey without asking them for contact information such as their name or email. We do this by analyzing the user traffic source, device used, cookies, and more.

A wide variety of website feedback tool types

When done right, a website feedback tool can provide valuable data about user’s opinions and behaviors — a key for making smart business decisions. But without the correct website feedback tool type, you can end up receiving inaccurate answers or worse, reducing survey response rates.

When you install the Qeryz website feedback tool, you’ll be able to choose from different survey templates. Aside from being able to choose from question types (e.g., Likert scale, checkbox, short text, multiple-choice, qualitative, radio button, net promoter score), here are some of the website feedback tool types you can use:

  • Pop-Up Survey – A pop-up website feedback tool that appears in the middle of the webpage screen, which prompts the user to take action either by responding or closing the window. Take note that pop-up surveys should be used in moderation to avoid intrusiveness and the risk of annoying users.
  • Feedback Widgets – A website feedback tool that appears as a widget and lets users rate their in-moment experience on a specific page. You can place this at the bottom of the web page to ask visitors about their experience, usually through an open-ended question format. ‘
  • On-Page Survey – An ideal website feedback tool known for being unobtrusive as it takes only a small amount of screen space on the bottom of the web page. It can be clicked by the user and can expand to have open-ended or multiple-choice questions.

Customizable fonts, colors, and positioning

At Qeryz, we know that no organization wants a website feedback software with limited customization features. You’d want your website survey to match your brand and we offer just that. Create brand-friendly feedback surveys with customized fonts, colors, and even positioning.

It doesn’t matter if you want your website feedback tool at the bottom right or left of your page or want to use different hex color codes. Qeryz offers infinite possibilities for customizing your survey’s look and feel.

Easy installation without slowing down your website

Another benefit of our website feedback tool is that it is easy to install. As a WordPress-optimized plugin, you won’t even need developer assistance to let the website feedback software work. Simply choose a Qeryz pricing plan or sign up for a FREE Qeryz account, type in your username and password, go to your dashboard, and copy-paste the code. Once you’ve added the Qeryz code, it won’t slow down your website – simple, fast, and easy!

Analyzes feedback with built-in analytics

Our website feedback tool monitors customer feedback with built-in analytics and an easy-to-use dashboard. Qeryz automates real-time data collection so you can get a clear view of survey completion rates. We also measure bounce and exit rate, session duration, traffic, page views, and more! Afterward, you can export all the data to a CSV file for improving business strategy decisions. Choose to receive an instant email notification as soon as someone answers your feedback survey. No need to keep logging in!

Compatibility with mobile devices

Qeryz is a state-of-the-art website feedback tool that works seamlessly on any device: mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Your users can now say goodbye to surveys that lag endlessly when switching and scrolling through different devices!

Improves conversion rates

The Qeryz website feedback tool is designed with advanced targeting features and survey responses analytics that lets you drill down on what your customers want and need.

Once you install our website feedback software, you’ll find out what users are exactly looking for in your website or what factors are keeping them from making a purchase. By uncovering user intent and analytics, you can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Improves User Experience (​​UX)

All successful business owners understand that user experience (UX) is a major driver for long-term success. Your users will expect nothing less than good experiences when visiting your website and this is where our website feedback tool proves to be beneficial.

At Qeryz, our website feedback software allows you to gain a better understanding of how users feel from the moment they enter your site to the moment they exit. We help you identify user wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and why they feel that way. For example, survey respondents might point out that they have encountered broken pages, website bugs, or a confusing design. You can use the data from the Qeryz website feedback tool to improve UX and consequently, improve conversion rates.

Get Your Website Feedback Tool From Qeryz!

Everything your company has on your website has an impact on user experience and conversion rates. With such high stakes, it’s crucial to listen to your users using a website feedback tool.

Qeryz is the leading website feedback tool designed to gather and analyze customer feedback. Our goal is to help boost your conversions! If you want to sign up for a FREE Qeryz account, click here! Enjoy a 15-day trial period to test out what’s in-store in every Qeryz subscription.