Get Accurate Customer Feedback by Formulating the Right Questions on Your WordPress Survey Plugin

The reason why WordPress survey plugins are developed is so that the many businesses that run on the platform can effectively gather customer feedback. This is so that they can create the market research needed to make the next big business move.

Simple, right? Think again.

Gaining customer feedback is more than just asking your customers questions and analyzing the answers in Google Analytics. You have to make sure that you get accurate data. The best way to do this is to follow this secret:

The Secret in Formulating the Right Customer Feedback Questions

Formulating Customer Feedback Questions That Actually Work-The Secret in Formulating

The secret lies within your company’s survey questions. In order for your company to gain a number of accurate customer feedback, you should know the right questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to ask it. Here are several guidelines that you can follow to do just that:

  • It must be simple
  • It must be practical
  • It must not require too much thought
  • It must relate to your company’s experience and needs

By following these guidelines, then you’ll definitely come up with the right questions for your WordPress Survey plugin. As a result, you will then receive heaps of feedback from your customers. In contrast with this, asking the wrong questions to your customers will result in poor quality information or none at all.

A Quick Guide in Writing Your Customer Feedback Questions

By this time, assuming that you already have a few customer feedback ideas in your mind. The next step is putting these questions into words. Writing these feedback ideas into words may be a struggle, especially to those budding companies and businesses.

Creating your customer feedback questionnaire can be broken down into three, simple steps:

  1. Transpire a title and a purpose for your questionnaire.
  2. Determine your target audience.
  3. Formulate your questions.

 Now let’s discuss these three steps thoroughly.

  1. Transpire a title and a purpose for your questionnaire.

Formulating Customer Feedback - Transpire a title

It is important that you come up with a title for your customer feedback questionnaire because this will ultimately give your customers a rough idea on what the survey is about. If your customers know what the survey is about it can motivate them to answer and complete it; especially if they find that the topic on hand is very relatable.

A strong, concise, and clear title on the WordPress survey plugin will convey the purpose much easier in a customer feedback questionnaire. This will eventually help you improve your customer feedback rate, push a better customer feedback, and make the survey experience more enjoyable for your customers.

  1. Determine your target audience.

Formulating Customer Feedback Questions That Actually Work-Determine your Target Audience

When you have generated a strong, concise, and clear title and purpose for your customer feedback questionnaire, the next step is to determine who your target audience is.

This is where most companies and businesses struggle. They tend to send their feedback questions to everyone when they should only be sending it to relevant contacts, people, and customers.

When determining your target audience, it is important that you figure out their motivation. This is essential because when you have a concrete idea of what their motivations are, you can confidently help them reach their goals while reaching your goals too – which are qualitative customer feedback.

  1. Formulate your questions.

It is important that you identify the questions you would like to ask your customers. By identifying the right and relevant questions, you avoid bombarding your customers with tons of inappropriate questions.

To help you with the final step, you follow this one rule of thumb that’s just a sentence below away.

Customer Feedback Questions: What Should I Use?

Formulating Customer Feedback Questions That Actually Work-What Should I use

It is easier said than done, but creating the right question can be boiled down to one rule of thumb: Use the questions that your customers care about answering. Put yourself in your customers’ perspective. What are the questions that you are happy to answer on your WordPress survey plugin and why?

The most relevant type of questions that customers look for include things like:

  • How easy was it to buy from us?
  • How happy are you with your purchase?
  • How well did we understand what you wanted?
  • How well did we communicate?

Asking such questions make your customers feel like they have a real stake on how your business progresses.

Let’s discuss how each of these and other examples can make your WordPress survey plugin your tool for connecting with your audience:

  • How easy was it to buy from us?

Asking this question will let you check your customers’ experience in purchasing a product from you. Additionally, this will help you gain a strong opinion and recommendation on how easy the purchasing process was.

  • How happy are you with your purchase?

This question’s importance is similar with the first question suggested above. Asking this question will also result in a strong opinion and recommendation. This will focus more on the satisfaction a customer receives when they do make a purchase.

  • How well did we understand what you wanted?

This question will measure how well you understand your target audience. This will either validate or refute the research you have done and steer you to the right direction when it comes to understanding your audience better. It will help you target much better and offer a package that will surely satisfy your customers.


  • How well did we communicate?

Communication is definitely key. When you communicate well with your customers, you will then gain the quality feedback that you want. However, do not settle there, it is a must that you understand your customers, too.

Communicating and understanding your customers’ needs is two (2) of the most fundamental skills that can lead any business to success. At the same time, these skills are also two (2) of the hardest skills to get right in the business industry.

When your customers believe that you understand them, then you will gain their trust and loyalty. When this happens, they will patronize your product above all the products in the market. Additionally, they will be a lot more forgiving for your small mistakes and they will probably recommend you to their family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

  • How likely is it that you would recommend us to your family, friend or colleague?

This may be the easiest question that you can ask your customers. This is because this question is aligned and ranged with their experience and needs. Additionally, this will also benefit your customers by means of their reputation.

Reputation is one of the most important thing to a customer. They want to be seen by their family, friends, and colleagues as the experts, and by recommending valuable and quality products with them, your customers build the respect they want for themselves.

Formulating and generating these types of customer feedback questions will ultimately lead you to your desired result. However, there are also a few bad questions that you should avoid in your company’s customer feedback questionnaire.

  • Which of the following products do you think you will buy in the next 12 months?

Asking this specific type of question will cause your customers to pause and to think. Remember the guidelines found in the first part of this article? It was already stressed twice, but in case you forgot, here it is.

Your questions must not require too much thought. If you ask mind boggling questions like this, this will cause your customers to think twice if they will answer your feedback section.

  • Pick your top three (3) from these five (5) options


  • Rank these ten (10) things in priority order

Alike from the first question, these two (2) questions should also be on your ‘not to ask question’ list. The common factors in these three (3) questions is that these questions require your customers to pause and think. These questions come across as more academic rather than opinionated questions.

When your questions require your customers to pause and think, there is a great chance that you will not acquire the customer feedback results you want. This is why you should just keep your questions simple and practical. Get straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush.

Scoring System: How useful is it in my customer feedback questionnaire?

Whether you use a scoring system or not, it really does not matter. What is important is the quality of feedback that you gather and collect from your customers.

Using a scoring system will greatly help you in checking and tracking the changes in the score from time to time. In addition, scoring systems also plays a vital role in the growth of your business.

In addition, scoring can also determine the feedback questions that don’t consistently score ‘good’.

Should I offer a prize or prizes to get more customer feedback?

The straight answer is NO.


Sparking your customers’ hope in winning something, like a prize, will surely get you a number of customer feedback. However, the increase of your customer feedback will also decrease its usefulness. Remember the old saying that goes, “Quality over quantity”? An increase in the volume of your feedback does not necessarily mean you have successfully done your job.

When you offer your customers a prize, this will ultimately alter the results of your feedback questionnaire while decreasing its value. You must know that your customers are not numbers. Each of your customer has a heart, a brain, and a choice.

Can the right questions and target audience lead me to brilliant results?

When you have right questions on your WordPress survey plugin and deliver it to the right target audience, you are sure that you will get great and quality customer feedback. However, there are still some factors you should consider in order to acquire not just great results, but brilliant results.

  • Set your business objectives first before collecting feedback

Feedback does not make your customers more satisfied, results do. If you want to make your customers satisfied with your products and services, then you must set a series of objectives for your business or company. By setting business objectives, you are putting your business on the right track for growth and profitability. To grow the business, to win against competitors, and to sell more are some of the examples of business objectives you can set for your company.

  • Take proper action from the feedback you received

Once you receive your customers’ feedback, it is a must that you respond to them. Taking action by replying to your customers’ feedback will surely benefit your business by building the relationship between you and the customers.

  • Timing is everything

Sending your customer feedback questionnaire at the right time will also increase your feedback rate. The ‘right time’ does not mean every 12 hours or 24 hours. The right time can mean once every day or twice every day. This all depends on your target audience and their activity.

To sum this all up, the perfect way to get responses for your customer feedback questionnaires is to get them to trust your business and what you offer. If your customers don’t trust you, then you will not obtain positive and quality customer feedback.

You should also understand that customer feedback questionnaire is a way in getting to know your customers more. What you ask in your questionnaire feedback surveys or forms can help you get additional information about your customers’ needs and wants. Thus, WordPress survey plugin becomes the communication line between you and your market.

Knowing their needs and wants will also improve your business and the products and services that you offer. Aside from getting good and quality feedback, you also get more profit for your company when you satisfy their needs and wants.

Finally, using a software like Qeryz – a WordPress Survey plugin –  will aid you in your customer feedback queries. In addition, we will also help you in knowing the traffic your website gets. By using our WordPress survey plugin, you are ensured that your surveys will be answered and you will be able to get to know who answers them. The best is that it’s not only a great website survey tool, but it’s also a free online survey tool.

Customer feedback queries – SOLVED! If you have any more questions, then just drop us an email!