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If you are a business owner, there is no doubt that you would want to satisfy your customers. But how can you check if your customers are happy and know what their thoughts are about your products and services? There is nothing more effective than using a customer satisfaction survey tool.

Qeryz is the leading customer satisfaction survey tool that lets you conduct real-time customer surveys, easily collect survey data, and get robust analytics to measure customer satisfaction. In just a few minutes, Qeryz’s customer satisfaction software can collect customer feedback for your organizational development. Choose from different survey tool packages with advanced targeting, Google Analytics integration, and survey templates with different question types!

What Are Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools?

What Are Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools?


A customer satisfaction survey tool is used to understand customer’s satisfaction levels in line with your products or services. In turn, your business gains insightful data and a deeper understanding of whether you are meeting customer’s expectations.

Why Choose Qeryz For Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool

Why Choose Qeryz For Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool


Wondering about what exactly sets our WordPress survey plugin apart from others? It’s simple — Qeryz designs surveys with your target participants in mind.

From professionalism to utmost convenience, we let you effectively gauge customer satisfaction without any hassle or guesswork in order to build a stronger business strategy.

We have helped local and multinational clients such as Canva, Hubstaff, Red Bull, Uratex Foam, and many more to not only get the benefit of valuable data but also gain knowledge of how they can make things better for their customers. Continue reading to know more about what Qeryz customer satisfaction survey tools can offer you today!

A Wide Array of Survey Types

No business wants to be limited by customer satisfaction software that has limited formats. When done right, a customer satisfaction survey tool can provide hard numbers about customer opinions and behaviors that can be used to make important business decisions. But without choosing the right survey type, respondents may misinterpret your questions and give inaccurate, biased answers.

When you install the Qeryz customer satisfaction survey tool, you can choose from different survey types created by domain experts to suit your needs. Choose from survey type options such as the following:

  • Checkbox Survey
  • Short Text Survey
  • Multiple Choice Survey
  • Qualitative Survey
  • Radio Button Survey
  • In-App Surveys
  • Likert Scale Survey
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Email Survey
  • Mobile Survey
  • And many more

Easily To Install Customer Surveys In Minutes

One of the best things about the Qeryz customer satisfaction survey tool is that it is easy to install. As a WordPress-optimized plugin, our customer survey software is incredibly easy to set up in just minutes. We also regularly update our survey tools to ensure you have hassle-free experiences. All you have to do is create a FREE Qeryz account, type in your username and password, and go to your survey dashboard to start!

Our customer satisfaction survey tool works exactly like how you would install Google analytics. Just copy-paste your Qeryz tracking code and you should be able to use your customer satisfaction feedback tool after clicking “Active”. It’s fast and easy!

Highly Customizable Surveys

Design is just as important as the survey question choices, length, type, and just about everything you need in a customer satisfaction survey tool. A poorly designed survey can throw off response rates. With this in mind, we make sure to offer highly customizable customer satisfaction survey tools.

At Qeryz, you can adjust everything in your survey! Want to place your survey at the bottom right or left of your website? Or maybe want to use hex color codes to fully customize the color scheme of your Qeryz survey? We offer an infinite number of possibilities to customize your survey’s look and feel.

Collect Feedback in Real-Time

Our customer satisfaction survey tool simplifies survey distribution and automates real-time data collection. You will have a personal dashboard where you can view the responses in a single platform with insightful infographics as soon as your participant answers your Qeryz survey. The best part is, you can get a well-rounded look at your real-time feedback and export all your data to a CSV file for easier analysis and accessibility.

In fact, we made sure that you could get your responses sent straight to your email inbox. No need to keep logging in! This way you can view your customer satisfaction feedback, export data, and save precious time to do other things all at once.

Mobile Responsive Surveys

At Qeryz, we understand that the age of technology and mobility is thriving. We made sure to offer a customer satisfaction survey tool that works seamlessly on all mobile devices. The Qeryz customer satisfaction survey is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Tips For Creating A Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tips For Creating A Customer Satisfaction Survey


For businesses, survey tools are designed to collect important data about customers and gain insight for staying relevant on the market. This is why investing in customer satisfaction software should be at the core of business priorities.

Keep in mind that the efficacy of your customer satisfaction data relies on several factors such as format, length, design, question choice, and many more. Below are some tips for creating a customer satisfaction survey.

Keep the Survey Short

Think about the last time you answered a 30-minute customer questionnaire. Didn’t it tempt you to just close the customer satisfaction survey tool? This is why your main goal is to keep the survey short. Be concise and find the shortest way to ask a question to avoid muddying its intent.

As a general rule of thumb, 5 to 10 questions are ideal for a website feedback tool. Keeping your survey short is important to reduce abandonment rates. To add to that, short surveys will make it easier to analyze data and identify things to improve.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Although it’s tempting to stick with yes or no questions, multiple-choice queries, and Likert scales, some of the most insightful customer feedback will come from open-ended questions.

Distributing a customer satisfaction survey tool with open-ended questions allows participants to elaborate more about their experiences regarding your product or service. A good way to help participants commit to open-ended questions is to follow up with an “If you have rated a *specific number*, why do you feel this way?”.

Use the Survey to Generate New Product Ideas

Let’s say you have recently sold a product or service. When you use a customer satisfaction survey tool, you can gain data on how it is performing. Is the product working according to its design? Is it malfunctioning often? Is there anything at all about the product or service that customers do or don’t like specifically?

Using a customer satisfaction survey tool can help you gain a deeper understanding of whether or not you are meeting customer’s expectations. It also acts as a reminder that you value customers because you ask them what suggestions they might have. In fact, one of the most common survey questions people use to measure customer satisfaction is: “What would you improve in our service/product if you could?”

Without a customer satisfaction survey tool, your organization can miss out on valuable information needed to generate new product ideas. For example, you can learn more about if customers want to add a specific feature.

Get Valuable Feedback with A Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool From Qeryz!

If you run your own business, we at Qeryz know that you are always looking for ways to improve your operations. Customer satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool to help your business win customer’s loyalty.

Qeryz is the leading customer satisfaction survey tool to gather real-time customer feedback. With the feedback they provide, you can improve your product or services, and the overall customer experience for higher revenue.

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