Focusing Your Brand Strategy With Online Surveys

What are the benefits of using survey results for brand strategy?

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Direct customer feedback
  3. Convenience of data gathering
  4. Acquisition of demographics data
  5. Flexible dissemination


More often than not, people patronize a product or a service by certain companies because of the effective brand strategy implemented. Many companies today have resorted to using online surveys to learn about the needs, wants, and preferences of their customers. Instead of the traditional use of pamphlets and paper surveys, the simple process of online surveys has made its way into the strategies of all types of companies.

The market today trusts online customer reviews and feedback the same way it does opinions shared through word-of-mouth. The convenience of online shopping to customers is associated with the convenience of companies in conducting online surveys. Here are some of the benefits of using online surveys, forms, and polls for lead generation and brand strategy.




As a business, you want to thrive in your industry while minimizing costs as much as possible. When it comes to research and design, the first factor that companies prioritize is the costs associated with it. The most efficient and cost-effective solution for gathering customer feedback and insights is through online surveying. Online surveys help start-up businesses in brand building and established companies with their strategies.

The costs related to utilizing online surveys are minimal compared to surveys administered face-to-face. One major cost is the construction and design of the survey. Other than that, there may be small costs regarding data analysis and presentation of results. Imagine the cost you can reduce by disseminating the survey online instead of printing thousands of surveys on paper, only to be ignored or thrown away by customers. Similar to the growing use of online advertisement and slow obsoletion of traditional forms of marketing, survey research is almost taking over other forms of surveying.


Direct Customer Feedback

Customer feedback serves as a source of insight a company can use to enhance and expand any product or service in their portfolio. The prompt feedback made by customers develops a communication channel that eventually promotes customer relationships. The WordPress survey tool remains the walkway to the channel of communication with customers.

Regardless of whether the feedback is negative or encouraging, all customer insights are relevant to the company. Negative feedback is room for product improvement while positive feedback is on the springboard to tap into a larger market segment. More than a piece of data on a pie chart, customer feedback is a social analysis that reflects a person’s perception of the service or product. Today, the growth of a company can be sped up if much of its strategy is focused and aligned with the customer’s feelings.


Convenience of Data Gathering

Convenience of Data Gathering

Data collection is a vital effort in actualizing the needs and preferences of customers. More importantly, the superior quality of marketing sales and lead generation come from information communicated by customers. An online survey, as the term suggests, is disseminated through websites. This way, it is more straightforward to consolidate results as they are being sent directly to one data analytics software or program.


Acquisition of Demographics Data

One of the most significant first steps to any product launch, campaign, and planning of brand strategy is demographic research. Through the use of an online survey, figuring out who your target market is should be quicker and steadier. Refine and target prospective customers based on demographics, location, gender, and more. All of which can be collected through a simple online survey.

The demographics part of an online survey can be quite tricky. While it is easier to ask a person about their age and occupation in a face-to-face interview, acquiring this data can be grave in online surveys. More and more online users are distancing themselves from pop-up surveys due to several security reasons. This is especially likely if the personal questions being sought are sensitive. Requiring an online user to send their personal information at the beginning of a survey may possibly prevent them from participating. It is recommended to put it at the end of the survey to allow customers to feel more secure as they see that the content is not threatening.


Flexible Dissemination

Flexible Dissemination

There are several ways to disseminate online surveys. Here are some ways to disseminate online surveys:

  • Website popup surveys

Arguably the most common form of online survey dissemination is through popups. This allows you to obtain feedback from visitors. The appropriate sample question is regarding what visitors think of the website. These come in the form of questions such as, “Is it easy to navigate around?” and “what are you looking for?”

  • Generic survey link

This process is the second to web pop up surveys when it comes to the convenience of promoting the survey. A single anonymous link can be copied to an email and forwarded to respondents.


Key Takeaway

There is nothing more significant than the opinion of the market when it comes to brand strategy as well as marketing and promotions. After all, without the consumer market being attracted, it would be impossible to get any product or concept to the public. Online surveys develop a considerable difference in the success of a business, whether it is in the introductory stage, scaling up, or in its developing stages.

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