Why Do You Need a COVID-19 Survey for Your Employees?

Why do you need a COVID-19 survey for your employees?

  1. It Reinforces Your Relationship With Your Employees
  2. It Gives You Insight On How To Support Them
  3. You Get To Talk About What’s Important
  4. You Will Empower Yourself As A Leader

The global pandemic has made an impact on many companies around the world. This has led to recent uncertainty that affects both employers and employees. The act of conducting a COVID-19 survey for your company can show your employees how much you value them. Here are other reasons why you need this survey.

It Reinforces Your Relationship With Your Employees

An employee giving a positive answer on a survey

COVID-19 surveys are beneficial to companies and employees for a number of reasons. During these times, showing an employee that you care for their well-being can reduce their stress that is caused by the pandemic. It’s important to have an open mind and listen to what they have to say in the survey. What you learn in the survey will help you make appropriate decisions and actions based on the results you get. If they see that their responses are being addressed, you can build a stronger foundation of trust with your employees. 

The basic needs of your employees are safety, stability, and security during this time. However, it may continue to evolve as changes can happen unexpectedly. Topics related to employee experience help you reinforce your relationship with your employees, encourage them to keep up with their daily tasks, and help them be more engaged. Your results may vary depending on what you include in the survey but the main premise is that you’re able to bridge the gap of distance with an effective survey tool.


It Gives You Insight On How To Support Them

A boss going through survey answers of his employeesAn open question like “how are you?” may not always get an honest answer. The uncertainty around the world causes fear and anxiety. There’s also the fact that not everyone has the capability to vocalize their inner voice and experiences. This form may build a blind spot in your company. It can be difficult to make decisions everyone likes. However, this is naturally a part of every workplace. It’s still important to conduct a survey regardless of this uncertainty. If other employees see that you are trying to establish a good relationship with them, they will be more inclined to voice out their opinions.

Surveys are a great key to unlocking enlightening statements that you can take note of for future reference. These should only be used to further empower employees and make them feel safe and supported. 


You Will Get To Talk About What’s Important

An employee talking to her boss while working from home

Showing your employees the many benefits of conducting a survey will benefit your organization. Make the survey easy to access and provide them with a simple way to voice their concerns. Surveys are an effective means of communication. This provides insights that you may need to adjust to the current times. This is also an opportunity to learn about your current working conditions from various perspectives. Surveys are the most useful tool to have to determine your organization’s weaknesses and how to fortify that with what you have.

Surveys are also beneficial for organizations that are operating on a work from home set up. This new territory has posed a fair number of challenges to employees. In order to talk about what matters, using the technology of survey tools can help you engage and support your remote workforce.

You Will Empower Yourself As A Leader

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These changes in the last few months require strategic thinking. Trust built with a survey can earn a lot of respect. But first, you need to be the type of leader that is present, action-oriented, transparent, and understanding. Changes are hitting the company in unexpected ways. You may find that your employees are struggling and coping in different ways. The data you collect with your survey can be used as a tool to empower yourself as a leader so you can create a tailor-made action plan that fits your organization’s needs. 

Your main focus should be on workforce effectiveness and employee well-being. Even after you conduct a survey, good leadership requires consistency. You will need to continue to empower yourself and the company by meeting safety and security requirements. This can be done through compassionate leadership with a calm optimistic point of view.


Key Takeaway

Every company needs a COVID-19 survey. These surveys are tools that can be used to monitor your workforce remotely and improve working conditions for everyone. It will benefit both you and your employees down the line.

The effectiveness of this survey can vary. Make sure that you take action with the data you’ve collected to further improve working conditions remotely. Surveys can build trust with your employees and help you make better decisions based on what they’re saying. Don’t put this on the back burner and use it to improve your facilities today. 

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