Advantages of Mobile Surveys

What are the advantages of mobile surveys?

  1. Gather Information Real-Time
  2. Get Faster Results
  3. Increase Convenience For Your Users
  4. Easier To Administer
  5. Cost-Effective


Nowadays, it is becoming more and more evident that everyone depends on their mobile phone one way or another. Everyone is purchasing a smartphone because just by one click on it, everything from banking services to online shopping becomes possible. At Qeryz, we understand that this technological dependency may present new challenges for your business when it comes to staying in contact with your customers. For that reason, we came up with mobile surveys that function on mobile devices.

Mobile surveys serve the same purpose as other surveys by providing businesses with information about their services and products. However, it has a couple of distinct edges that can skyrocket your business’s growth drastically! Read on to learn more about these advantages.


Gather Information Real-Time

An online shopper answering a mobile survey

With online sites getting all-time high levels of visitors, customers are no strangers to expressing themselves at the moment. They are now willing to share their thoughts and information more than ever. This means it is the perfect time for your company to jump on the opportunity of collecting users’ data!

By doing so, you will be able to gain insights the moment a response takes place. This is as opposed to customer’s thoughts about previous interactions with your brand that may not provide the most accurate feedback.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, respondents can connect to WiFi anywhere. Your respondents are using smartphones on the train to work, while hanging out with friends, while taking a walk, etc. With Qeryz, mobile surveys are available for answering, they can just go to your site and answer the survey wherever they are. You can now get in-the-moment feedback and receive specific comments in real-time!


Get Faster Results

Let’s face it, the more time that passes by between interactions with your brand, the fewer details customers remember about it. If you invite your customers to use their own mobile devices to take a survey on the spot, you will be provided with faster results.

The best part about it? Your team doesn’t have to wait until the customer logs into a computer. We make it possible to get results instantly when your users submit their answers. We will send responses straight to your inbox. You won’t need to keep logging in. So save your time for other things you need to do.

Qeryz also provides you with the option to download your data results quickly! More details about your responses can be seen when you export your data to CSV.

Mobile surveys can work wonders for you and your company. Analyze elaborate insights from your customers to reveal company issues that are leading to unsatisfactory reviews. With Qeryz’s long text surveys, users are given the freedom of speech. Use comments regarding your products to help you decide whether to keep offering it or upgrade it. Address them to your team to avoid future negative experiences.

Take note that when you get feedback from leads and visitors and use that data for future inbound strategies, that’s real value.


Increase Convenience For Your Users

A woman answering a mobile survey

A study proves that 66% of clients feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with the best online customer experience. In the customer’s view, a company that understands their time is valuable. When you conduct mobile surveys, you are conveying to customers the message that you value them.

A company with a well-designed mobile survey will think of ways not to waste customers’ time or give them the inconvenience of any sort. Provide them with the best customer service experience by offering the customer greater flexibility with regards to when they want to choose to share information with your business.

We did the legwork for your company and found a way to create surveys that are as unintrusive as possible. You can choose to conduct a minimized survey message where users can leave a 40-character message or place your survey on the lower-left or lower-right hand side of your website.


Easier To Administer

Manual paper surveys require you to approach respondents just to fill out your questionnaires. Say goodbye to handing out surveys one by one today! With the Qeryz Identifier, we send you notifications on what surveys of yours are answered. Moreover, you can know who answered your survey without asking. And it’s super easy to get started!



A business team computing for a mobile survey's budget

Conducting mobile surveys has a very small cost per respondent. The cost is far cheaper than a manual paper survey or phone survey, wherein you have to pay for more labor fees. Get thousands of potential responses today and eliminate the guesswork in getting more leads and sales.


Key Takeaway

One of the biggest challenges for companies is figuring out what customers think and want. In order to maintain relevance in today’s market and adapt to your customers’ needs, Qeryz offers you a great solution.

Be able to get inside the head of your website’s visitors and find out what kind of products and services they want and need from you. Once you know that, you will be able to strategize upon your business processes better and cater to the clients you value the most today.

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