What Is a Data Collection Survey?

What are the things you need to know about a data collection survey?

  1. Uses of surveys
  2. Steps in administering a survey
  3. Kinds of survey methods


A data collection survey is a well-known method that uses a number of ways to collate the data necessary for a statistical study. It consists of valuable data that is commonly used in marketing, organizational studies, or even corporate functionalities. Today, many have seen the benefits of having an online survey. It is a great way to feel the pulse of your audience so that you can serve them better with regards to their preferences. To learn more about the methods of a data gathering survey, read about it below.


Uses of Surveys

A customer satisfaction survey

A survey examines a particular set of answers with questionnaires or when it mainly deals with considerations for a process. Selected samples of data are collected through an administration of engagement through interviews or through a form. The most common types of surveys can be done through simple communication devices like the telephone or through online social media channels.

Surveys are most efficiently used if you want to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Monitoring customer preferences
  • Examining customer satisfaction and identifying solutions to problems
  • Recording and evaluating proposed solutions or changes to the process
  • Feedback on the results from the implemented changes
  • Observation of the progress of satisfaction of customers
  • Collating subjective views about a particular subject
  • Increasing awareness about a particular product or service.

These are just some of the uses of surveys, but they can vary according to the person or the organization that administers it. Make sure that you conduct a survey that accomplishes these considerations since this will prove beneficial to your goals.


Steps in Administering a Survey


Those who have gone through the old way of collecting data through a survey would hand out a piece of paper with bullet points or multiple choice questionnaires. Then, they would compute the statistics manually, which can open up a world of problems since they can be at high risk of inaccurate data. In the modern world, since we now have the internet and advanced computing technology, surveys are one of the most credible sources of information. This allows people to see many sides of the study. Therefore, they can weigh in their choices according to what the participants contributed to the data.

If you are thinking about creating a data collection survey, here are some of the sample questions you have to think about before doing so:

  • What is the end goal of the survey?
  • What lesson would it deliver to the reader?
  • What are the motivations behind the effort of getting the results?
  • How can you effectively reach your participants?
  • What type of survey should you use?
  • Will the format be multiple choice, yes-or-no questions, or a checklist?
  • How are you going to test the implementation of the survey?
  • What are the metrics that will help you analyze the results of the survey?
  • How are you going to tabulate and analyze the results in detail?
  • What are the final steps you need before administering the survey?


Kinds of Survey Methods

Team Working with Network Applications Icons on PC

There are many avenues that can help you achieve viable survey results. If you are uncertain about what medium you should use, use this selection as a guide and choose according to your preference.


Online Surveys

We now have many online platforms that can help you administer a survey. There are even reliable and efficiently coded plugins that you can install to your site in order to measure data from your site visitors. With online surveys, the possibilities are endless and you just need to find the best option that you can use for your survey. What’s even better about an online survey is that you can reach a wide number of people without requiring you to be mobile at all times. All you need is an internet connection and the means to contact the qualified participants.


Telephone Surveys

These surveys are most commonly used by salespeople. There are those who engage in cold call surveys, which are cost-effective ways to administer a survey. It would also help you be flexible in talking to your participants without traveling far from your base. What can be challenging about telephone surveys is that there are those who would not like to be bothered with it. Or, if you get to encourage them to participate, they will remain anonymous, which can be a constraint in your data collection efforts.


Questionnaire Surveys

Questionnaire surveys are some of the most traditional methods of collecting data. You will need a well-crafted questionnaire, one that will capture the interest of potential participants. This can be costly since you would need to be present at the site of the participants and you will also incur printing costs. But if you don’t mind too much about it, you can go ahead and administer this type of survey.


Key Takeaway

The points mentioned above are some of the things you need to know about data collection surveys. If you are planning to create this type of survey soon, make sure that you have properly planned for this to help you manage your expectations regarding the result of the study. Data collection is advantageous especially for those who would like to know more about the market or any other data set for that matter.

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