Benefits of Using Survey Tools in Improving the Customer Service of Companies


Website survey tools for customer service have changed the way businesses interact with their customers greatly. They have provided companies and businesses room to grow as well as opportunities for improvement. It also helps management know how they can assist their consumers and customers in the best way they can.

With website survey tools, business owners are able to identify how happy their customers are with their products and services. Today, we’ll be tackling the benefits of using survey tools to improve your customer service. To do this, we’ve gathered some notable business professionals to share their experiences with survey tools. Here were the benefits mentioned:


Collects Feedback On Website Usability

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Why is website usability important for businesses? One of the main goals of any business is to satisfy their customers’ needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For those who provide their products and services online, another factor to consider is your customers’ convenience.

The moment they decide to search for your website or even make a purchase, they should be met with a smooth-sailing process. The factors that affect a website’s usability is its accessibility, responsiveness, quality of content, and navigation. Is it mobile-friendly? Can you navigate through the website easily? Does the content teach the reader something new? With a website survey tool, customers and visitors can easily point out what needs to be improved on your website.

Read what Courtney Keene, Director of Operations at My Roofing Pal, has said about how they utilized surveys for their website: “Users were having some difficulty navigating the site, so we conducted a survey geared toward finding out how easy our service was to use. We used the feedback from that to implement some much-needed UX changes, and we wouldn’t have known it was an issue if not for our customer service department.”


Increases Sales

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Once you’ve established a great website and a fuss-free experience for your customers, you will see how it can drastically increase your overall sales. You’ll be able to hit your KPI and more than what you’ve planned for with the aid of user feedback.

Travis Mcknight, a content strategist for Portent used user feedback to guide their website’s designs. Results showed that customers were acting in ways that differed from the company’s initial assumptions. What did they do? They rewrote the copies, created a new sales form, and added clarity about the client’s installation process. According to him, “The results were immediately apparent. The month after the new product pages launched, our client saw month-over-month sales leads increase by 300% on one page and 137% on another.”


Helps You Better Understand Your Audience

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There is no doubt that consumers are willing to pay more for your goods and services if you offer great customer service. Online survey tools for customer service help businesses better understand user behavior to better shape their strategies.

Knowing trends, psychology, and actionable metrics can help you better cater to your audience. Once you have figured out how your target market acts, you can curate your website to cater to their expected actions. You can use this data to improve specific parts of your business to ensure that you finalize sales each time.

Here’s what Steve Habazin, a content marketing specialist from Latana, has to say about knowing your audience: “Knowing how your audience feels about your brand keeps you in the know to successfully improve your customer journey and make a positive impact on your brand perception.”


Identifies Weaknesses

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Adam Hempenstall, the CEO and Founder of Better Proposals, implemented a survey that asked their customers to give feedback upon each customer service request. Every time someone would finish talking to their customer support staff, they would fill out a quick survey. It was a way to see how useful their customer support was.

The results of the survey tool showed that a certain member of the team was slacking off, which was setting them back. Mr. Hempenstall stated, “We would have never found out if it weren’t for customer support feedback surveys. We let her go soon after finding out and we hired another customer support rep to replace her.”


Deep Dives Into Customer Satisfaction

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One of the biggest benefits of using survey tools for customer service is that you can find out more about your overall customer satisfaction. In the case of Crowdy, Chief Marketing Officer Nadiia Shevelieva explains how a simple survey on their FAQ page helped improve customer satisfaction.

The company wanted to know whether their technical documentation was good enough. And most of all, whether it helped customers resolve the issues they were having. She stated that they found out that some of their help documentation was outdated and that it didn’t help their customers at all. After making the necessary changes she noted that “overall, it’s a great way to find out where your customer support process has bottlenecks and I would strongly recommend using surveys as a way to get feedback.”


Analyzes Specific Departments

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Your business will not run smoothly and effectively when one department is inefficient. Think of it as a puzzle, all pieces need to be put together properly to create the singular image. Survey tools for customer service can be used to gather valuable insight and information about how customers view certain departments. Specifically, surveys with open-ended questions to give customers the freedom to express their thoughts.

CJ Xia, the VP of Marketing & Sales for Boster Bio, stated that “It [survey tools] also helps to analyze multiple departments of the company in one go as you add related questions. But it is suggested that [you] keep the survey short and to-the-point. So it must remain interesting and exciting for the customer, and they show maximum participation in the activity.”


Aids in Redesigning Marketing Strategies

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Premier Title Loans wanted to split a department into several mini ones. They narrowed down the client’s database depending on their concerns and interests. After sending out a survey to inspect the change, their sales & marketing manager Jessica Chase discovered that it was too economical and based on the choice of the company. After some changes, they were able to launch new marketing services and marketing strategies that better catered to their audience.

She stated “by spending a few days, we were ready to make changes. It not only helped us in launching new services but also assisted in redesigning marketing strategies. Now, we do 1-to-segment marketing, and relevant departments address queries.”


Key Takeaway

You can easily see the great effect that survey tools have on customer service. It collects feedback on websites, increases sales, gathers data about the audience, and more! By giving your customers a voice, you can find more ways to make your products and services better to ensure that it is continually meeting their needs.

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