How To Create Effective Pop-Up Surveys

How To Create Effective Pop-Up Surveys

How can you create effective pop-up surveys?

  1. Define the goal of your survey and avoid too many questions
  2. Keep the survey’s design consistent with your brand
  3. Choose the right time to show the survey
  4. Rethink positioning
  5. Know your visitors

Customer feedback is the key to any companies’ development. Gathering feedback data from people visiting your website will help drive your business to success, whether in the form of product improvement or upgrading customer experiences. However, not many people realize that the most effective way to gather customer feedback is by knowing how to create effective pop-up surveys.

A pop-up survey, also known as an on-site survey or on-page survey, is a type of website feedback tool that captures insights and behaviors from visitors using related content on hand. While the user is browsing through your website, the pop-up survey will appear and it will typically contain only a few short questions. As they are easy to fill out and are harder to miss by website visitors, the survey response rates you generate are boosted.

Similar to other survey types, there are several ways to ensure pop-up surveys are eye-catching for respondents. Below are five tips on how to create effective pop-up surveys.

Define The Goal Of Your Survey and Avoid Too Many Questions

The advantage of using surveys is that you can ask a wide range of questions. However, if you want to ensure your pop-up survey is effective, you should avoid asking too many questions. The last thing you need is to drive away survey respondents.

To effectively survey your website visitors and gather customer feedback, you must define the goal of your pop-up survey first. Some of the most common pop-up survey goals include learning if the visitor found the product/service they need easily, learning what stops them from buying, and learning how to improve the website.

Keep The Survey’s Design Consistent With Your Brand

Keep The Survey’s Design Consistent With Your Brand

A primary advantage of pop-up surveys is that they are highly customizable. Customization is important because it makes the survey more appealing. Respondents are more likely to answer the survey if it captures their attention. This aspect sets apart pop-up surveys from traditional pen and paper surveys.

Aside from being interesting, you must ensure your pop-up survey is customized in a way that it looks harmonious with your brand. For example, if your brand colors are red, then you’d want the survey to be designed with shades of red. This is also the key to making sure it fits seamlessly on your website.

Choose The Right Time To Show The Survey

A benefit of pop-up surveys is that they can appear when you want them to. Make sure you choose the right time to show your pop-up survey. You don’t want to annoy your visitor by making the survey appear every second they are on your website. In most cases, pop-up surveys appear seconds after the website loads. However, more advanced website feedback tools, like Qeryz, let you choose among different triggers to time the survey.

For example, you can launch an exit-intent trigger. Here, the pop-up survey appears when the visitor attempts to exit the website. To do so, the system tracks the visitor’s mouse movements. When the system detects that the visitor is moving the mouse away from the browser window, the pop-up survey appears. This is especially useful for owners who want to know how to improve user experience.

You can also make the pop-up survey when the visitor scrolls for a specific amount of time. The stroll trigger is ideal for visitors who are already interested in your website’s content. The pop-up survey serves as additional information and these visitors are more likely to complete the survey. For example, you can place a pop-up survey containing information about how to purchase the product after the visitor scrolls through product details.

Rethink Positioning

Rethink Positioning

Remember that you can decide not only on the design and time of your pop-up survey but also on its position on your website. To make sure your survey is effective, you should aim to place it in a strategic area on your website without disrupting the user experience.

A good way to go about this is to place the pop-up survey in the bottom left or bottom right corner of your website. This position would be impossible to miss yet it is not annoying for visitors.

Know Your Visitors

When designing your pop-up survey, make sure you gather all the information you have regarding your website visitors. This can be done through cookies, URL traffic, and etc. Analyze their behavior and consider their preferences.

For example, if the majority of your website visitors are elderly, you might want to use a bigger font size. This way you can make a survey with content that appeals better. The result is increased engagement and response rates.

Key Takeaway

Pop-ups can be very helpful for a business’s growth if used correctly. Numerous companies are already reaping the benefits of it and you should as well. To maximize these types of surveys, we listed ways on how to create effective pop-up surveys. Follow them and you too can garner customer feedback about your products and services easily.

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