Customer Survey Trends that Will Rock 2016

Plenty of online survey software have significantly aided the process of research and data collection. This was very evident in the continued growth in the market last year 2015. Now, as we enter the realm of 2016 customer survey will become even more progressive and effective, especially with plenty of trends that are expected to take effect. Customer survey is one of the biggest factors for your business to take off to greater heights in the industry; therefore it would be appropriate to at least dabble and learn more about the latest updates. For starters, here are just a few of those trends that we expect to influence online surveys in the coming year:

Mobile is Here to Stay

The past year saw the rise of mobile use and adoption therefore this year it is no longer a trend but an aggressive catalyst that will pave the way for newer innovations. Especially in online survey; researches gathered have projected 35-40 percent of customer surveys will be accessed on a mobile device this 2016.

As a matter of fact many organizations are diligently designing online surveys specifically for mobile users. At the same time, online survey tool providers are expected to continue ensuring a seamless experience for mobile phone and tablet users. Look around, people are more attuned to their phones than ever and because of this, the power of mobile use is far greater than any technology right at this moment.


People have a short attention span, and because of that the creation of micro-survey was designed. A one to three survey question is definitely more effective than a well-structured but dauntingly overloaded survey questionnaire. With the use of these little survey gems, capturing small ‘bursts’ of information has become more prevalent and far more beneficial. Especially with mobile users who embrace “short-and-sweet” online interactions.

Micro-surveys are definitely one of the rising formats of customer survey; they are the go-to trend for capturing real-time insight based on behaviour and can be triggered by events like purchases, contact requests, phone calls and many more.

Survey Automation

Plenty of SAAS (Software as a Service) businesses will become a commodity since plenty are eyeing the services they offer. We expect to see a stronger focus on integrating survey tools with other systems for the process of automation. Online survey software tools are very likely to get integrated with CRMs, databases and other third-party systems via web services. Applications like these can store contact information that can trigger surveys based on specific actions, dates or other variables; making the process more reliable and credible.

Qualitative Analysis

Even with so many features and updates invented for the betterment of gathering data, ultimately the content and quality of the survey will have the most bearing factor. Getting to the root of respondent behaviour through data analysis of text-based responses will be a major initiative for the online surveying community this 2016. Open-ended questions are great sources of meaningful data that otherwise might be lost with traditional survey techniques. Lastly, new data analysis tools make it possible to drill deeper into text-based responses which will remove subjectivity and instead reveal actionable insights that were previously untapped.

Of course, this 2016 there will be plenty more innovations and trends that will shape the way customer survey is used. As a very beneficial factor to boosting one’s business, it doesn’t hurt to know a little more of what’s to come.

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