The Right Questions: 4 Ways to Gather Feedback that You Can Actually See

customer feedback

It can’t be denied that customer feedback is one of the most important things to dwell on when you’re in the world of business. Essentially knowing and utilizing customer perception is a well-accorded action. Feedback could give vital pointers that could shape the product’s pathway to success.

Before you begin to analyze your customers’ feedback, you should consider the reason why you are seeking it in the first place. What do you need to improve on in terms of user experience? How will you use these data correctly? Most importantly, how are you going to achieve your goals?

Well, don’t fret dear reader, because we are going to break down in 4 simple ways on how to gather feedback that you can actually see.

customer feedback

Contact Information

E-mail is the easiest platform that you can use when collecting candid customer feedback. Through it, you can be assured that the customers have a speedy response. After all, who doesn’t use e-mail nowadays? Moreover, you can be sure that “follow-ups” will be well fitting for an organized e-mail feedback. Customers usually sign up via e-mail because there are things that they would like to inquire about, whether they’re struggling on a feature or they want to personally tell you about the ones they like.

Personal e-mails will make your customers more open about the kind of things they want to tell you, plus it allows you to start a pretty interesting conversation with your prized customers. Just be sure to reply immediately to your customers’ e-mails; otherwise, they would stop corresponding with you, and your partnership will be over.

customer feedback

Social Media Visibility

Social networking sites have proven to be one of the most straightforward and instant type of outlet for people. You can be sure that this method called ‘social listening’ is an even more frank type of gathering feedback. Direct comments and even mentions on social media could go a long way for your business as long as these sites are used properly and responsibly. One benefit of this is you can update your customers with the latest goings-on in your business; having followers on various social media platforms could be a great asset for it as well.

customer feedback

Well-Structured Surveys

Traditionally speaking, this is one of the most popular means of gathering feedback but for as long as you can craft direct, simple and specific surveys, you will definitely find this as a useful tool. A well-structured survey would only include questions that will achieve your end goals. Remember not to ask loaded questions; make it concise but still add open-ended questions. Ask questions one at a time, and don’t make it too burdensome for them.

customer feedback

Usability Testing

Often regarded as an irreplaceable usability practice because it gives a direct input on how customers use the system. Usability tests usually deliver more insights than all of the aforementioned. It is one way for your customers to be enlightened on things that they are having difficulty in understanding. When you meticulously plan out a usability test, it could very much benefit you in the long run since the customers have already tried it out first hand.

Your customers want the real thing. They want to be given what they paid for, and this is exactly what you should be doing. Explore other options for customer feedback that would make your clients’ lives easier—trust us, they will thank you and will help your business grow at the same time!

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general.

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