Employee Satisfaction Factors Through Online Surveys

What are employee satisfaction factors that can be measured through online surveys?



  1. Feelings Towards The Company
  2. Do They Feel Valued At Work
  3. Level of Personal Development
  4. Engagement and Eagerness
  5. Cause of Dissatisfaction
  6. Reasons For Exit



To open up a better line of communication between your company and its employees, you may want to make use of online employee satisfaction surveys. Utilize a customizable WordPress survey tool to cater the survey to your employees’ specific experiences. These surveys can help you gather data on employee’s feelings for the company, whether it is negative or positive. This will be an important factor for you to use to better your business processes and employee management.

Want to learn how you can craft online surveys to measure your employee satisfaction rates? Read on!


Feelings Towards The Company


Employee satisfaction surveys can determine any problem areas in your employee management. You can choose to include questions that will allow you to learn about the true feelings of employees towards the company. Do they enjoy working there or do they see their work as a chore? Add follow-up questions to ask your employees why they feel that certain way.

These are important questions to ask because it can help you find the root causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace. You can ask them more specific questions such as if they feel valued by the work that they do.


Do They Feel Valued At Work

Do They Feel Valued At Work

One possible cause of dissatisfaction in your employees may be that they do not feel valued for their efforts. The absence of positive reinforcement in the workplace can cause people to feel unhappy or even quit the job completely. With an online employee satisfaction survey, you will be able to determine if you need to follow-up on their hard work with more incentives and rewards. Even simple weekly celebrations of achievements complete can give your employees the boost they need.

Besides asking how employees are enjoying their time at the company, it is also important to figure out if they feel that they have been improving.


Level of Personal Development


An online employee satisfaction survey can help you learn if your employees think that they are improving in your company or not. Employees are more likely to stay in a company if they truly believe that it is the best possible opportunity to develop their skills. If the majority of your employees answer that they do not feel that they have been developing in your company, then it may be time to change things up a bit. Actively try to widen each employee’s responsibility for them to realize their impact on your business.

A low level of personal growth may also lead to lower rates of engagement and eagerness as employees may feel uninspired to go to work.


Engagement and Eagerness


You can measure engagement and eagerness through online employee satisfaction surveys. This can help you gauge just how much your employees are engaged with the work that they do. This can also help you inquire exactly what parts of their jobs either makes them feel eager and excited and what parts they do not thoroughly enjoy. Try to look into roles and responsibilities that your employees may not give importance to as this may be a sign that they need an upgrade.

Ask questions that can allow employees to go more in-depth with their answers to search for the exact cause of their dissatisfaction.

Cause of Dissatisfaction

Cause of Dissatisfaction

You could also choose to blatantly ask your employees for their causes of dissatisfaction. To receive constructive criticism, ask them to provide possible solutions for their cause of concern. Take these answers into consideration when you make the necessary changes to show that your employees’ voices are heard.

If many employees have been choosing to resign and you want to know why you may want to give them an online exit survey.


Reasons For Exit


Exit surveys are used to find out why an employee has chosen to discontinue their service in your company. Observe the similarities in their answers to pinpoint any problematic processes or practices that you can change. Take these into careful consideration to prevent any other employees from terminating their contract.

These are just some of the factors that you can measure through online employee satisfaction surveys. Ask your employees to answer this survey on their own time for them to answer as honestly as possible.


Key Takeaway


Online surveys that can be customized with a WordPress survey tool that can greatly help create more appealing surveys due to its personal touch. Craft questions that will allow employees to be honest about their feelings towards the company and how it is being run. Allow them to express any feelings of dissatisfaction for you to find the root cause of the problem and create an appropriate solution for it.

Create an efficient online survey with the aid of a reliable WordPress survey tool for you to acquire accurate data on your hard-working employees.

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