How To Create A Brand Awareness Survey

How To Create A Brand Awareness Survey

How do you create a brand awareness survey?

  1. Target The Right Respondents
  2. Keep It Fun and Engaging
  3. Apply Unaided And Aided Questions
  4. Make Sure Your Survey Is Responsive

When you think of a product like “toothpaste”, what is the first company that pops into your head? What about “soda” or “fries”? Most probably, you effortlessly thought about a certain brand, logo, or product. That’s how you know that a company has fulfilled successful branding — when they have reached the top of mind awareness. Think about it. If you’re a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to be known as the best provider for a certain product? Or at least buzz around a consumer’s mind? Well, when you know how to create a brand awareness survey it might be possible.

You’re in luck! Because today, we’re here to talk about how you can conduct a great brand awareness survey and why it is so important. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Brand Awareness?

Apart from our example above, brand awareness quantifies the level of awareness of a brand. It tells you how many consumers in your target market know about your brand, how many individuals are aware of you without deeply thinking about it, and the like. It indicates how familiar people are with you.

This does not exactly mean that they should remember your specific name. Rather, it is a matter of being aware enough of your features and what you sell.

But why is it so important? Brand awareness is important because consumers tend to prefer brands that they already know — especially if you sell essentials. When consumers are aware of you and trust you, they are likely to purchase from you rather than your competitors.

This is where surveys can help you. Surveys make it extremely simple and easy to find out if you’re doing a great job at branding and if you are strongly anchored in customers’ minds. To learn how to create your brand awareness survey, keep reading!

Target The Right Respondents

Target The Right Respondents

When you’re facilitating a brand awareness survey, make sure to choose the right respondents.

Understand your consumer’s identity. Determine your brand’s demographics and identify the people who interact with your brand the most. Is it senior citizens? Millennials? entrepreneurs?

Let’s stay you’re surveying dog food. You could begin with asking “Do you buy dog food online?” and if they answer with yes, you can ask “Which of these brands have you heard of?” With this, list your brand next to your competitors. You can also ask demographic survey questions.

From these answers, you can create segments and start surveying for awareness.

Keep It Fun and Engaging

Remember, in this day and age, attention spans are getting lower and lower. So remember to keep your respondents glued and engaged. Be more conversational, friendly, and comfortable. You can also try adding jokes and GIFs in your online survey if you’d like.

Apply Unaided and Aided Questions

Apply Unaided and Aided Questions

If you want to gauge how impressionable your brand is to your customers, apply unaided and aided questions to your survey. Unaided questions measure the number of people who express awareness or knowledge of your brands or products without giving much thought or a brand recall. On the other hand, aided questions measure the number of people who express knowledge when prompted. This is also known as brand recognition.

Here’s a sample question of an unaided question: “What dog food brands are you aware of or familiar with? State your answer in the box below”. Meanwhile, here is an example of an aided question:

Which of the following dog food brands have you heard of?

  • Royal Canin
  • Vitality
  • Pedigree
  • (Your Brand)

Make Sure Your Survey Is Responsive

In order to make sure you get great data, you have to take the time to optimize your survey for your responsiveness as well. It has to load quickly and efficiently on not only one device, but other devices and browsers as well. Remember, not everyone is using one kind of device. In fact, many studies show that surveys are answered more through mobile devices rather than laptops or tablets. So keep this in mind.

Key Takeaway

Brand awareness is definitely worth paying attention to. It shows whether people have heard of or identify your brand. Plus, it’s also a smart way to measure whether your advertising and marketing and branding efforts are successful and effective. Let this guide on how to create a brand awareness survey help you out!

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