How to Boost Online Sales with Web Analytics

website analytics

We only want what’s best for our business, and website analytics have proven their worth in increasing our success rate. Unfortunately, only a few can take full advantage from the information contained in analytics reports. But for some who do not know how to benefit from web analytics, they’re missing out on something vital for their business.

Interpreting these types of data can help you boost your business’ success rate and with so much information taken it should be right to learn more from this. So without further ado, here are some tips for you to better understand how to use web analytics data to improve your online sales and your conversion rates.

Track where traffic comes from.

Understanding where your traffic is coming from will help you recognize where to invest more time and money to increase that traffic. It will also allow your marketing channel lead to conversions on your website. Tracking your marketing campaigns which include your e-mail and paid search will make you learn more about where your money should go in terms of marketing channels. By realizing this, you’ll understand how the conversion rates of each campaign moves hence you can specifically and strategically allocate your budget on a productive marketing channel.

website analytics

Know your target audience.

Blindingly knowing your target audience won’t do you any good—a little bit of effort in extinguishing the demographics data will go a long way for your business. Once you find out the age and gender of your target audience, it would be easier for you to create better criteria for them and you’ll get what you deserve in your future display and paid traffic efforts.

Where are your visitors from?

Discover where they are located so you can target them readily. Once you know the demographics, find out where your customers are mostly from. By doing this, you can easily create focused advertising campaigns for a more targeted audience. With this kind of information, you can also figure out why some people from other parts of the world don’t convert into customers or don’t accept your products and services.

website analytics

Optimize your landing pages.

Look at your Landing Page metrics because these are the pages where search engines and other sources lead your viewers to. The content on these pages should be appropriately filled with necessary information as well as your contact details so you’ll have higher chances of increasing your conversion rate.

website analytics

Bounce Rates

Use bounce rates as indicators of problem pages, find out why on a certain page your bounce rate is inexplicably high. Figure out the pages with higher traffic and enhance it while bounce rate pages need much attention. Simple changes in your conversion funnel or check-out process could give dramatic improvements in the number of customers who actually purchase your products.

Know what your customers want.

Find out what people are searching for when they’re hanging out on your website. Also, check out the pages that they immediately and often visit. Know exactly what your customers are looking for because this will help you point out lost opportunities for product placements. There are times when customers are specific so know how to advertise based on their nature.

Web analytics has come a long way since it became intertwined with digital marketing and other online businesses. Though some people are still clueless as to how it is often taken for granted, there are now a lot of instances and opportunities when web analytics is needed, especially in the conversion of site visitors into profit. In a way, web analytics has changed the face of modern advertising, and it proves to be a very effective one in its own right.

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and seminars. Check out his personal blog where he writes about starting up two companies and life in general.

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