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Survey Basics

Before you start any well-meaning survey, you have to start with the basics. You have to ask yourself one important question: What do I want to validate with my survey? From this question, you form your first hypothesis. One good example of a hypothesis is: “Lowering my product’s pricing draw in more customers.” In order

WordPress Survey Plugin Tool

We’re not claiming to be the best WordPress Survey plugin tool out there but Qeryz does a fine job in actually acquiring valuable customer insights through your WordPress site. How do you use Qeryz for WordPress? If you already have a WordPress site running, you can get Qeryz in your plugins section. 1) Click on

Best Survey Questions

Conducting online surveys is an incredibly useful way to know why people visit your site. In other words, it’s a great way to get inside people’s heads and understand what they want and how they want it. We created this list of Best Questions to ask in a Survey to help you out with whatever

How to do Conversion Rate Optimization

So I stumbled upon a blog by Neil Patel today and I thought that it was pretty much the perfect infograph in executing a Conversion Rate Optimization Campaign. Check it out: Source: It’s one thing to have Qeryz installed in your site. It’s another thing to use it to inccrease your conversion rate. I’d

Qeryz Video Transcription

Studies show that typical first-time visitor to your web site will form an opinion about it in three seconds. Wouldn’t you want to get that opinion? After all, opinions are important, especially if it can help you improve your web site experience and bring in more business. So maybe you’re thinking, “That’s easy! I’ll make