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Turn Visitors into Customers Now!

Stop wasting time on visitors that won’t ultimately turn into potential customers and focus on your conversion rates instead. Conversion rate optimization is the best way to create a significant proportion of your visitors by making them into possible buyers. Invest your time and knowledge on focusing how conversion optimization can help you achieve greater

4 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Customer Surveys

Ideally, hiring an expert to create well-structured formats of customer surveys is best thing to do, but did you know that you can craft up a fantastic survey on your own as well? Invest your time in learning more on how to whip up a perfectly structured and fool-proof customer survey. Also, it doesn’t hurt

The Growing Power of Customer Feedback

As consumers, ourselves we do it too, we check the feedback of other customer’s before we purchase a product or service. Indeed, customer feedback has become one of the strongest factors that can affect the business’s path to success, and times have changed—customers are even more meticulous than ever. Being knowledgeable about customer feedback and

How to Boost Online Sales with Web Analytics

We only want what’s best for our business, and website analytics have proven their worth in increasing our success rate. Unfortunately, only a few can take full advantage from the information contained in analytics reports. But for some who do not know how to benefit from web analytics, they’re missing out on something vital for

Myth vs. Fact: Common Misconceptions about CRO

One of the best ways to better optimize your business is to make use of analytics and user feedback—or more commonly known as conversion rate optimization. With the use of this method, your conversion rate is highly blowing off the roofs and that means better return on investment. First off, you have to remember that