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How to Do CRO with Minimal Traffic

It isn’t impossible to do conversion rate optimization even with just a small amount of visitors on your site. In fact, you should be encouraged to practice it even more in order to increase the flow of your audience. Here are several ways you can do conversion rate optimization even with just the minimal amount

The Importance of Demographic Questions

Most surveys won’t be complete without a question or two asking our age, gender or location. It’s almost impossible to look for a survey that does not have any of these questions. They are called demographic questions and they are an absolute essential when it comes to customer surveys. Demographic questions allow you to know

4 Best Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback happens to be the key to garnering customer insight. It is desperately needed by businesses in different industries. It is the key to innovation, to self-improvement and excellence. If you are seeking for great customer feedback software for your business’s website, we’ve listed down four of the best customer feedback software below. Getfeedback

Google Analytics Integration

Qeryz now enables you to see what’s happening over at Google Analytics. You have to have your Google Analytics tracking code installed in your site. If you don’t, this won’t work. In fact, just don’t use this feature at all. Check out how to install your Google Analytics tracking code here. 2. Go to your

3 Innovative Ways to Develop Customer Insight

Developing customer insight is one of the most powerful ways to optimize your business’ success through innovation. And in order to improve good customer insight, it requires research that will establish a genuine dialogue with the market, in simple terms the data you’ve gathered should be intelligently used of its maximum capacity. Listen to what