What’s So Special About Blogging?

What exactly makes blogging special?

  1. It facilitates search engine optimization
  2. It increases audience interaction
  3. It increases organic traffic
  4. It establishes trust and authority



Blogs started out as something more intimate and personal. They used to be called weblogs—entries on an online diary. Before there were no blogging platforms, they were literally just a personal journal that early adopters of the Internet use.

Nowadays, blogging has evolved into something larger than just a journal. With WordPress—the most used blogging platform right now—as a baseline, blogging is now used for personal branding, social media presences, and search engine optimization! Companies use WordPress survey plugins to boost user engagements in their blogs, that eventually improves the overall quality of their websites.

Blogging has come a long way and it’s already considered a mainstay on the Internet! Whenever you search about something, you’ll almost always find a blog post about it. Blogs are now used as the main platform for content. And as the foremost content provider, it brings a lot of things to the Internet. With that being said, blogging is a very powerful tool in the realm of the Internet—and here are a few reasons why.



Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to optimize your website. In fact, every website that puts in efforts to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPS) create more blogs in order to have more chances of being searched and ranked! Creating blogs would mean that you’d have another indexed webpage on your website, and the more web pages you have, the greater the possibility that you get searched! SEO doesn’t always work so simply, however. There are a series of protocols and coding efforts that are needed to fully take advantage of blogs for SEO.

In the end, blogs are still one of the most prominent SEO tools to date, and as long as there aren’t any better alternatives out there, it will still be the best one to use.



Audience Interaction

Audience Interaction

Blogs are content that talk about a relevant topic, sometimes even having a comments section below to facilitate discussions between readers. There are certain blogs that really does stir the minds of its audience, oftentimes making them share their thoughts on the matter.

Blogs create a space for content creator and their audience to interact with one another. Discussions and debates in the comments section indicate a difference in perspective, and that can lead to more blog topics and more information being discovered!

Aside from the comments section, some blogs integrate a WordPress survey Plugin like Qeryz in order to gather feedback about the content or the state of the website! Be careful when you include surveys in your blogs, however, because a comprehensive survey can just be a nuisance to people who read it. Make sure that you use only the best survey questions whenever you’re planning on including a survey in your blog!



Increase Organic Traffic

Businesses make use of blogging because it is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic across your whole website. To add a bit of context, here are two other ways consumers would usually end up in your website:

  1. Searching for your website. This is something that the audience that you already have does. They are aware of you and your services and have decided to follow your content, therefore they always get to and consume your content.
  2. Paid Traffic a.k.a. Advertisements. This isn’t considered organic traffic at all. Utilizing advertisements can bring a lot of curious consumers into the fray, but the audience you get aren’t always the people you target.

Blogging brings in an increase in traffic by providing people with content that is tailored for their target market. Most of the time these blogs would talk about relevant and timely topics, and that along with proper SEO efforts is enough to get people to your website, eventually converting these regular visitors into leads for your marketing and sales team.



Establishing Trust and Authority

Establishing Trust and Authority

The most effective blogs are created in order to answer some of the many questions that customers, consumers, and potential leads have. When these blogs satisfy these questions with data-driven answers, they can establish and/or increase the authority of a website when it comes to that topic. In essence, creating comprehensive blog posts about certain topics that continue to satisfy and enlighten a target audience makes slowly builds the authority of that website.

In the digital world today, information is almost always readily available. So much so that it can be tricky to know whether or not data is true. That all changes when a website builds authority and trust among its community, however. Blogging for the sake of spreading honest, researched information is one of the best ways to educate people. and this is one of the most profound reasons why blogging is such a special activity.



Key Takeaway

Blogging has been around since the early 2000s and started out as something very personal. From simple travel blogs to blogs that list comprehensive data on which are the best survey questions used in a qualitative study, Blogging has become a means to spread data with everyone on the internet! Nowadays, it has transformed into a tool that not only educates people with a plethora of information, but it is also used by businesses to increase their digital presence—something that is very important in the digital world today!

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