Indicators of an Effective WordPress Survey Tool

What should you look for when looking for an Effective WordPress survey tool?

  1. The number of websites that use the survey tool
  2. Convenience and usability
  3. Different features and capabilities offered
  4. Aesthetic customization and design



Many blogs and websites use a WordPress survey tool. When you look at ten different websites, you’ll seldom see a particular survey tool used 3 times. But when you think about it, there’s actually a group of survey tools that make up the most of what is used on the Internet.

Of course, people would strive to look for the best and most effective survey tool that they could get their hands on. One that has the capabilities to do what they plan on doing and more.

With that being said, there is a large collection of WordPress survey tools on the Internet. Each with their own unique features and capabilities. Some of them are free while others have paid versions—and the limits that they have to vary among the survey tools.

Different websites surely have their own criteria in choosing what survey tool they use. But for a general look into how you should choose your own survey tool, here are the indicators of an effective WordPress Survey Tool!



It’s Used by a lot of Websites and Blogs

This is as simple as can be. When you find that a survey tool is used by multiple websites in different forms, then it would probably mean that it’s very effective! The features that it provides is enough for a number of websites trust in its capabilities, therefore use it in their own blogs!

In most cases, the websites that use the same survey tool utilize it for the same reason—usually highlighting one of the features of the survey tool. If, however, the survey tool is used in a variety of different ways—such as different question types and different designs, then its potential grows even further!

But hey, the number of websites using a survey tool shouldn’t be your sole factor in choosing your own. Just because it’s used by a number of websites doesn’t mean it will be effective for your website!



Ease of Use

Ease of Use

One of the indicators of an effective survey tool is how much it can do on its own. The best survey tools are easy to learn and even easier to embed in your blog. Being a simple plugin, it shouldn’t be that complicated for a person with no experience to use. The easier it is to make a survey, the more effective a survey tool would probably be!



Features and Capabilities

You shouldn’t forget about the features that it can provide. Most of the time, the free version of a survey tool is enough for you to get a peek at how useful and diverse a survey tool is!

In general, you would want a survey tool that can support a good number of question types—multiple choice and yes or no questions are enough for simple surveys, but essay boxes and Likert’s scale question types can add depth to the information that you get from that survey.

To make your life easier, survey tools should also have the capability to organize the data on their own, be it on the tool itself, through linking it with google docs or simply export the data to an excel sheet. Not only does this feature remove unnecessary stresses, it also makes analyzing the data easier! Speaking of analyzing data, some survey tools offer this as another feature as a part of their paid versions!



Design Aspects and Options

Design Aspects and Options

You should also take note of how the survey looks like, both while you use it, and when it is embedded on your website. How a survey looks can attract or repel your audience from ever answering it.

Some survey tools have an oversimplified design when implemented on your blog, with no possible customizations, it can be boring to look at and unappealing for your audience to click on.

The free version of survey tools usually has watermarks on their surveys. In most cases, it can be an unattractive site—more of a marketing front for the survey tool rather than a survey itself.

The better survey tools give full customization of the survey to the user. Letting almost all aspects of the survey form be customizable! From the buttons to the layout and the addition of a brand logo, it gives the user full control of what their survey is going to be!

A good looking survey is something that can attract your audience, especially those loyal ones that continually look for your content or visit your website. It can even attract people that aren’t usually on your website!

A little bit of aesthetic value can go a long way. so choose a survey tool that can give you the chance to enhance its design by adding in yours!



Key Takeaway

When it comes to surveying tools, there’s no clear best in the plethora that is available on the internet. The thing that is easily measurable, however, is the number of capabilities that one has. Take note of this, and the quality of the survey tool (which you yourself will have to judge) and you’ll easily find the best and most effective WordPress survey tool for you!

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