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15 Best Health Survey Questions

What are the best health survey questions? How healthy would you consider yourself on a scale of 1-10? Does your family have any history of hereditary disease? What are they? Do you have any chronic diseases? Do you take any drugs? Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often? Do you smoke? If so, how

7 Tips For Creative Effective Surveys For Millennials

What are some tips for creative effective surveys for millennials? Restrict questions to less than 100 characters Forget neutral options Cap the number of questions at 20 Use multiple choice Incorporate strong visuals and interactive elements Make it mobile-friendly Show the results According to a published study, millennials have lower survey participation rates than older

7 Reasons Why Respondents Lie in Surveys

What are some reasons why respondents lie in surveys? The desire to be socially acceptable Sensitive questions Protecting self-worth Wanting to be anonymous Trying to be polite Intentionally sabotaging results Honest mistakes What’s the most effective and accurate way to gather customer feedback? Most likely, the first thing that pops into your head is through

6 Ways to Avoid Acquiescence Bias in your Surveys

What are some ways to avoid acquiescence bias in your surveys? Keep your survey short Revise your questions Help your respondent focus Get respondents from the right demographic Be as neutral as possible Be transparent Getting feedback from your customers or clients is essential for the growth of any business. The data that you get

4 Benefits of Skip Logic in Online Surveys

What are some benefits of skip logic in online surveys? Lessens survey questions Keeps questions relevant Increases number of completions Provides better results Online surveys are more widespread now than ever. While they have been used since the 90s, the pandemic made them even more significant. The limited physical interactions of the lockdown mean that