Learn About Your Qualaroo Alternatives: All About Online Survey Tools

Nowadays, businesses and webmasters consistent look for the best Qualaroo alternatives heavily. This is because they rely on the feedbacks and suggestions of their consumers when enhancing an existing product and service (or when crafting a new one). Acquiring these pieces of information is done through a market research. A market research helps a specific business be equipped in the changing world of business scene, discover new potential clients, and stay ahead over their competitors.

One of the efficient ways on how to do a marketing research is by conducting a survey. A survey is an efficient way to reveal answers from consumers and use this information to produce a compelling marketing campaign. And with the advent of technological innovations, gathering and interpreting such data and information become effortless, quicker, and convenient for market researchers through the use of an online survey tool such a Qualaroo and its alternatives.

What is an Online Survey Tool?

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An online survey tool is a type of tool used to gather and interpret data or information electronically. This tool aids marketers or researchers to find quick answers to their questions, which eventually are used to create their captivating marketing campaign.

Unlike the traditional survey tool, online survey tool provides accuracy and fast results to its users.  When you use an online survey tool, you must create an online survey that often contains a questionnaire, which is crafted especially for your target audience to achieve greater results. Furthermore, most of the online survey tools in the market now provide a database, which will serve as the storage of all the answers and data that has been gathered throughout the survey.

As you can see, an online survey is the best way to do your marketing research. This is why business owners and webmasters all try to find the best Qualaroo alternative.

Types of Data Collection

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A survey takes many forms. As a marketer, you can freely choose how you conduct your survey; depending on your topic, preference, and goal. Here are the few of the common methods of conducting a survey:

  • Mail – Conducting a survey through mail is the most traditional and basic approach a marketer can utilize. For example, a university will distribute an alumni survey to all of its alumni so the latter can answer the given set of questions. Then, the alumni will send back the survey to the university after they completed it. Nowadays, mail is occasionally used because of the advent of an easier method of communication—email.
  • Telephone– A marketer will utilize telephone if he or she wants to conduct a one-on-one interview with their respondents. This method works when a marketer calls consumers and ask about their experience with a specific product or service. A telephone survey approach will often reveal relevant information since the survey is conducted privately. Furthermore, telephone survey method is often utilized by a telecom company.
  • Online– Since the world is currently in the information age, online methods of conducting a survey are frequently used to generate results in a faster and convenient way. Often, an online survey is conducted to determine the experience of consumers with a certain product, service, or website. With the best Qualaroo alternatives, webmasters can receive direct feedback about pages the momenta user experiences them.

These three are only a few of the many ways on how to conduct a survey. However, the first two have become obsolete since conducting online surveys is now becoming the most efficient method in gathering data or information from target audience. This is even more clear with the rise of many alternatives to Qualaroo; all of which are just as effective.

The Advantages of an Online Survey Tool

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The creation of survey tools is surely for the benefits of both entrepreneurs and marketers. A list is provided for you below, which shows some of the advantages a market researcher can gain by using an online survey tool, such as a Qualaroo alternative:

  • Accuracy– In an online survey tool, researchers can input their questions directly into the system. Same goes with the respondents; they can enter their comments and feedback right into the system. Also, since an online survey tool provides an automation method of gathering data or information, market researchers ensure the accuracy of the data or information gathered; unlike when doing a traditional survey method. Moreover, errors are significantly avoided.
  • Convenience– The convenience that online survey tools bring is both beneficial for participants and researchers. For market researchers, they can directly enter the questions they have in the system of the online survey tool that they are using. With this, less time and less effort is needed and they can focus with other things. On the other hand, for participants, they can answer the survey with their preferred schedule, at their own time and own pace. Furthermore, they can even stop and start a certain survey, depending on their availability. So, by having a Qualaroo alternative installed in your website, you provide convenience for both you and your visitors.
  • Flexibility – One of the useful features of an efficient survey tool is its flexibility. Most, if not all, Qualaroo alternatives have the following features that
    • Freedom to change the order of the questions at any given time.
    • Program complicated surveys.
    • Flexible design templates.
    • Multiple answers or responses to a single-choice question.

With these features in the best Qualaroo alternatives, market researchers can produce a questionnaire that will surely tailor their respondents, thus, producing a significant result.

  • Low Costs – Doing a traditional survey method requires huge amount of money since you will conduct a research and spend on postage if needed. With an online survey tool, the research costs will certainly reduce since your questionnaire will just be placed in the system. This means that there is no need to print a bulk of questionnaires. Moreover, you do not need an interviewer to conduct the survey since everything is automated, thus, helps lower your research costs. On the other hand, online survey tools are absolutely economical. Plus, you can choose whether you will pay the fee monthly or annually, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, some online survey tools enable you to choose features that you can add on top of the given benefits, which depends on the price range you can afford.
  • Produce Relevant Information– One of the goals of a market researcher when conducting a survey is to produce relevant information, which will help them craft marketing campaign. A well-designed survey in an website’s survey tool will surely generate honest comments and feedback from consumers and gather relevant information as well. Nowadays, most consumers prefer completing online surveys since it is more convenient and quicker to participate in, compared to the traditional survey method. Furthermore, respondents can provide honest and detailed answers since the survey is automated and easier for them.
  • Real-time Access– Technological innovation, such as online survey tools, provide us automation and real-time access to your files and documents. When a respondent enter his or her answer into the system, the system automatically stores the data into the online survey tool. Then, researchers can easily access the gathered information and can immediately interpret the data in no time. This leads too…

Quicker Results – One of the most beneficial features of utilizing online survey tools into your market research is that it can provide marketers faster results. It is said that an online survey is two-thirds (on average) shorter to complete compared to the traditional written questionnaires. With this, researchers can receive the gathered data or information in almost an instant. Then, a quicker result means quicker interpretation of the data, which can be helpful in crafting business strategy right away.

The Disadvantages of an Online Survey Tool

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Just like in any other tools, online survey tools have its fair share of disadvantages. However, its disadvantages cannot be simply compared to the benefits online survey tools bring. For you to fully see the two sides of the coin, here is a list of some of the disadvantages of utilizing an online survey tool:

  • No Interviewer– Unlike in a traditional survey method, an interviewer is not needed in an online survey. The lack of an interviewer in an online survey may lead to misunderstanding (in some instances) since no one is present to clarify and explain things to the respondents, thus, may lead to less reliable data or information. This instance may cause negative outcome in the market research.
  • Limited Respondent– Even though the world is now living in a digital age, many people still do not have internet connection 24/7. With this, the availability of your targeted respondents may be limited. Unlike in the traditional survey method, it may seem harder for market researchers to increase the probability of the results of their survey with just website invitations and email notifications.
  • Cooperation Problems– In a traditional survey method, participation of the respondents is guaranteed since market researchers can see their respondents face-to-face. However, in an online survey tool, the participation of the targeted audience is not certain since many internet users nowadays often received too many messages, thus, increase the chance the online survey will not be entertained.

Even though there are downsides, using an online survey tool is still the best option to do when you want to reach a wide range of consumers, connect with them, and eventually acquire potential customers, which makes online survey tool an integral part of an effective marketing research.

The Importance of Using an Online Survey Tool

The Importance of Using an Online Survey Tool

Even though using an online survey tool has its drawbacks, people can’t deny the fact that utilizing such technological innovation definitely aids both entrepreneurs and marketers reach and engage with their target audience in no time. Gone are the days that marketers manually create their questionnaire and give it one-by-one to their target respondents. With an online survey tool, conducting surveys are now easier, faster, and efficient. Let us take a look at some of the importance of using an online survey tool.

  • Convert Data into Content– An online survey tool is crafted to provide reliable data to their users. And with all the data and information you have, you can craft a captivating content from it, which can vary from graphs or infographics to videos or podcasts. Then, you can use the content either for your website blog or press release. This content will be helpful in persuading your consumers and future customers as well.
  • Learn from the Results– One of the positive purposes of conducting survey is the answers that you can gain and gather from your respondents. Surveys can reveal how and why consumers choose a certain brand over the other. All the data and information you gathered can also be used to either enhance your product or service, and introduce new product or service. With survey done in a continuous basis, you can constantly update your product or service and learn what your consumers (and future consumers) want and need in a brand.
  • Become a Reliable Source in an Industry– The data or information you have gathered will make you a reliable source in your respective field. For example, you conduct a survey to a certain trend or issue in your industry, then, all the data you have gained will not only be valuable for your company but for other businesses as well. When you convert your data into a compelling content and publish it, this will be an important basis for other companies, thus, making you the foundation for that specific trend.

Surveys, whether done traditionally or online, are essential in any business strategy since conducting such will lead to many answers and ideas that will eventually help any business develop their marketing campaign efficiently and exquisitely. Through this type of market research, businesses can reach the wide range of their target audience and connect with them seamlessly.

Whether a business uses an efficient online survey tool, such as Qualaroo or an alternative one, online survey tools will surely be a great instrument to achieve their business goals, ensuring that it stays adept with the current market trends and ahead of their competitors.

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