3 Questions To Include In Your Employee Engagement Surveys

What questions should you add to your employee engagement surveys?

  1. “Are You Proud Of Your Work?”
  2. “Are The Leaders of the Organization Keeping People Informed?”
  3. “Do You Have Access to All the Necessary Things You Need to Do Your Job Well?”

Measuring the extent to which your employees engage with your organization through a survey is something that most corporations should do. But for it to be effective, you must use the proper employee engagement survey questions.

Engaged employees are one of the components of a successful company. If they are not engaged, their overall performance, productivity, and impact on the company will largely diminish. But if they are engaged, it will show in their output. They will find joy in working and would find satisfaction in aiding the company reaches higher heights.

As simple as it sounds, employee engagement is hard to discuss, let alone collect data because of its relativity to the individual. However, with the right questions asked, you can successfully glean information from them! Here are 3 questions that you should include in your engagement surveys.

“Are You Proud Of Your Work?”

Are you proud of your work?

This question would be asked with a scale that goes from strongly disagree to strongly agree and is usually paired with several other questions which are used to measure an employee’s engagement index. Bear in mind that you can’t necessarily measure one’s engagement with just one question.

Asking whether or not an employee is “proud of their work” will take a look at how much pride they have in their work. It will make them think of whether they are willing to casually tell other people about their work in detail even if they did not ask.

In essence, the score of an employee regarding this question will indicate their affiliation with the company’s objective or goal. Alongside questions such as “Would recommend your company as a great place to work?” and “Do you see yourself still working at this company in two years?”. These will measure how the employee perceives the company. Is it somewhere they are comfortable in? Will they stay even after their contract is over? Their engagement with the company will dictate how far they will go.

A positive rating on this one should mean that your employees are well satisfied with the company. So much so that they will share it with their friends and family as an ideal workplace.

“Are The Leaders of the Organization Keeping People Informed?”

Are The Leaders of the Organization Keeping People Informed?

You cannot have proper employee engagement without any form of communication. It is needed for people to feel as if they can be part of the company. Of course, the management can do all the things that they think would improve communication, but if the employees themselves don’t feel it, then it is all for naught.

Who better then, to facilitate transparent communication within an organization, than the leader itself? It is very easy to see what the CEO or President of a company does for it. When they are the ones that truly keep the employees informed, they will make the employees feel as if they are not just part of the company but are also cared for deeply.

The question pertains to the employee’s perception of how transparent the company is. People dislike working in environments where they feel as if they do not know what is happening. Not only that but If an organization refuses to inform their employees of the happenings within, the employees will completely be left out. That is not something that will enable any kind of employee engagement.

A positive rating on this question would mean your employees believe that they are well-informed — that they are trusted members of the company because two-way communication exists in a very efficient manner.

“Do You Have Access to All the Necessary Things You Need to Do Your Job Well?”


This question encompasses materials, systems, devices, and knowledge that is needed to do a job. This also includes the basic things that a person needs daily, from hygiene products to food and water. A good company will not leave its employees hanging. An even better company will provide everything to make the lives of their employees easier. Providing these things keep the employees comfortable. The more comfortable they are with their working environment, the easier it is for them to engage more with the whole company!

A positive rating on this question will show that your employees have engaged enough with the company to know that they are well provided for. This also means that your employees believe that they have everything they need to work to the best of their abilities.

Key Takeaway

Employee engagement is an often-undermined concept by most companies. When they’re disregarded, employees would feel unimportant and left out. Companies should put in the effort to keep employee engagement at a positive level. Not only will this keep the employees happy and satisfied, but they will also show it in the output of their work! This is why an employee engagement survey is important. Use the questions for employee engagement surveys the next time you do so in your company!

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