5 Survey Questions To Ask For Online Course Feedback

5 Survey Questions To Ask For Online Course Feedback

What are the survey questions to ask for online course feedback?

  1. Informational Survey Questions
  2. Instructor Specific Survey Questions
  3. Course Material Survey Questions
  4. Learning Outcome Survey Questions
  5. General Course Survey Questions

It is the job of educational institutions as online course instructors to know the right survey questions to ask for online course feedback. The more you receive constructive feedback from your learners, the more you can improve your online course. Oftentimes, educational institutions struggle to understand the problems faced by students in their courses because of a lack of utilizing a free online survey tool for their website.

In recent years, we have witnessed a massive expansion in online courses and an increase in the search for the best Qualaroo alternative. As education has become one of our top priorities, students who are looking to grow their knowledge and skills are constantly on the lookout for quality online courses. And with the pandemic quarantine in place, it is clear that online courses will continue to be used widely as the new normal.

Online course evaluation surveys should cover various aspects such as the course structure, course content, learning outcomes, instructor feedback, and the like. The feedback received will be used to make adjustments to the course and improve upon it. It will also enable faculty members to enhance their teaching skills accordingly.

Both negative and positive feedback is constructive and provides opportunities for improving operations. Here are 5 survey questions to ask for online course feedback.

Informational Survey Questions

Informational Survey Questions

Demographic information, at its most basic, is a way to define your improvement goals. Once you have the information of the students before they complete the questionnaire, you can begin creating improvements that are tailor-fit for them. Ask them to indicate the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • The name of the course
  • Instructor
  • Date

Instructor Specific Survey Questions

Whether you’re an instructor at the educational institution or an administrator, you should measure the student’s experiences with instructor-specific survey questions. Use the learned perspectives to adjust the teaching approach for the best benefits.

Instructors play the most crucial role in shaping the development of the online course. Undoubtedly, the matter of how the courses are delivered directly impacts the quality of education the students receive.

As an instructor, it is essential to present course information to students in a way that retains learnings. That being said, the instructor must have the necessary course materials and in-depth knowledge of the course. Use these survey questions to gauge the teaching quality of the instructor:

  • Did the instructor clearly define the course objectives?
  • Was the speed with which the instructor presented the course too slow, too fast, or just right?
  • Was the instructor well prepared for the online classes?
  • How well did the instructor answer your questions?
  • Was the instructor able to explain the topics clearly?
  • Was the instructor accessible for outside class concerns?
  • Did you receive useful feedback from your performances (tests, papers, etc.)?

Course Material Survey Questions

Course Material Survey Questions

Asking about the quality of the course materials is just essential as asking about the instructor’s performance. Course materials are important because these are the tools that primarily aim to support a student’s learning. Ideally, the course materials will depend on the type of students enrolled. They may come in various forms such as course syllabi, handouts, lectures, lesson plans, tests, software, tutorial videos, podcasts, and many more.

Here are the critical course material survey questions you can include in your course evaluation survey:

  • How useful were the course materials (readings, lectures, assignments)?
  • Did the course materials increase your knowledge of the subject and underlying concepts?
  • How helpful were the course materials in understanding the course topics?
  • Did the course materials complement each other?

Learning Outcome Survey Questions

The biggest area of improvement you can gain from an online course feedback survey is your learning outcomes. Gathering learning outcomes from survey questions helps educational institutions know if the students truly learned from their courses. It measures the success of the online course and to what degree. In turn, you can tweak your course offerings in a way that maximizes learning and focuses on efficiency.

  • What are the most useful things you have learned from the online course?
  • Have you applied your learning outcomes? Why or not?
  • How confident are you in applying what you learned from the online course?

General Course Survey Questions

General Course Survey Questions

Some feedback questions cover a broader spectrum that often cannot be categorized under any umbrella. Nonetheless, these are essential to help you understand the student’s experience regarding the online course in general.

General course survey questions help you find out what are the overall impressions of the learners from start to finish. You can include the following questions in your online course feedback survey:

  • Did the online course meet your expectations in terms of quality learning?
  • Was the online course helpful in progressing toward your degree or goals?
  • Would you recommend this online course to other students?
  • What improvements would you make to this online course?
  • What did you wish to learn in the online course, which was not present?
  • Did you connect with other learners (sharing ideas, resources)?
  • Why or why not?
  • Did the online course fit into your weekly schedule easily?
  • How would you rate the online course’s experience on devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)?
  • Were there any moments when you felt frustrated accessing the online courses? Why?

Key Takeaway

In this article, we have rounded up 5 survey questions for online course feedback. Make sure to include these questions in your free online survey tool in order to gather constructive criticism. With the aid of the right questions and a Qualaroo alternative like Qeryz, you will be able to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your online course and the learnings of the students at the same time. Get your FREE Qeryz account by clicking here!

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