7 Tips For Creative Effective Surveys For Millennials

What are some tips for creative effective surveys for millennials?

  1. Restrict questions to less than 100 characters
  2. Forget neutral options
  3. Cap the number of questions at 20
  4. Use multiple choice
  5. Incorporate strong visuals and interactive elements
  6. Make it mobile-friendly
  7. Show the results

According to a published study, millennials have lower survey participation rates than older generations. It’s definitely proof of the cultural differences between generations, but it’s not the end of the world.

Millennials became known to have shorter attention spans because of the booming technological revolution today. Since their generation takes up a significant percentage of our population, they are prime targets for surveys. As companies, it’s up to us to adjust to the current trends and behaviors. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips for creative effective surveys for millennials in this article. Read the following tips and apply them to your surveys to better access the millennial population:

Restrict Questions to Less Than 100 Characters

It may sound difficult, but writing the questions as concisely as possible helps in attracting and keeping millennial respondents. It will help them read and answer the questions faster, reducing their time spent on the survey. Be straight to the point when formulating survey questions and you’ll find that it’s not so hard after all.

Millennials are prone to backing out of a survey if it’s too long or complicated. The ideal time for participants to answer a question is 8 seconds. If the question needs more than 8 seconds to answer, then the chances of respondents lying or churning go up.

Forget Neutral Options

Forget Neutral Options

Including neutral options in your surveys leads to less reliable data and potential loss of focus. If you choose to forgo neutral options, respondents will be forced to make a choice. No one is really neutral nowadays, so why not encourage people to speak up about their real opinion?

Neutral options also allow respondents to answer if they lose focus or interest in the survey, skewing your data one way or another. Instead, let them specify the levels of that “yes” or “no”.

Cap the Number of Questions at 20

Millennials do everything on the internet at a fast pace — they skim through articles, they prefer shorter videos, and they scroll through social media at a breakneck pace.

As a comparison, long surveys are boring and often move at a slow pace. Participants only want to spend around 3 minutes on a survey on average. You get 21 questions if participants answer at 8 seconds a question in 3 minutes, but it could still be lessened.

If it isn’t possible to shorten a survey, a good tip is to allow respondents to save their progress and continue it at a later time.

Use Multiple Choice

Use Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice questions are easier to answer than open-ended questions. While the latter will give you better insights, there’s a bigger chance that millennials will finish the survey with easier questions. If your survey is directed towards millennials, you want them to have an easy time with it.

Incorporate Strong Visuals and Interactive Elements

Another good way to keep your millennial respondents engaged is to use strong visuals and interactive elements. Taking a long survey that’s nothing but black text on a white background can bore almost anyone, millennials especially.

Instead, use visuals that fit the tone and content of your survey. Add colors, graphics, emojis, or anything else to create a theme and the respondents will enjoy the experience.

Interactive elements are always entertaining. Since making surveys fun is the goal, adding features such as sliders, drag and drop questions, animations, and others should engage millennials greatly. The more alive the survey feels, the better your millennial participants will respond.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Research even shows that most millennials answer surveys from their mobile phones. While a majority of surveys are made to be answered through a computer, there are a few that aren’t optimized for mobile phones. Millennials do enjoy sharing their opinions and beliefs, but if the survey can’t be properly answered through a phone or other mobile devices, they might drop it altogether.

Show the Results

Depending on the survey, it’s always better to show the results to those who responded. Try to make the data available to them through your website or a newsletter. If possible, you can show the results at the end of the survey right away. Avoid showing anything confidential or personal details that could compromise the anonymity your respondents.

When people see how their participation fared or affected your company, they’ll feel that their responses mattered. It makes them happy and also increases the chances of them participating in future surveys.

Key Takeaway

Just because times are changing, doesn’t mean that it’s getting worse. Millennials grow and develop in a culture that’s different in many ways from older generations. If you want to tap into that portion of the population, then apply these tips for creative and effective surveys for millennials.

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